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Since some people are stressing out...

There. Fixed it for you. CLICK AWAY.

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lol would you like us to stop flooding your inbox with anger.

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No! It's amusing me. I AM VERY CONCERNED.
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Thank you, I feel much better.

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It's no fair choosing just one!
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but where are the audio/extended universe companions?


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Hmmm. Maybe there should someday be a poll on extended universe canon, just so I can have "LOOMS!" in a poll.
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That might be the best poll idea, ever.

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Isn't another one that Time Lords and vampires are related? XD

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There are some wacky hijynx involved in the Dark Times, I think, possibly. IDK. Rassilon was like the Eugenics Master of All Time, according to some sources--though I do know the Great Vampire and his ilk were beaten up on the playground with bowships.

eta: wtf, double posting, lj?
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Rassilon, you complete nutter. XD

OH! And who can forget that suicide turns you into a woman!

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Where is TenII he's CANON!

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A vote for Rose is a vote for Ten II? :-\
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Lolol!!! I feel so dumb now - he's like my favorite ship with Rose and I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE he's not on there XD XD

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i haven't seen the original post on my flist yet (just looking through it now), so i have no idea what i just voted for (characters you'd like to throw under a bus? characters who have been eaten by sharks? characters you'd like to go to dinner parties with?) but i voted nonetheless.

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It can mean whatever you want it to mean. XD

But it's because people are flailing about this:
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Awesome poll!

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:D It had to be done!

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*ducks from the flying objects about to fly at her head, but pokes her head up long enough...* It's GRACE, not Gracy... *ducks back down again as fast as she can.*

Seriously, though, Susan might not have rocked in the TV Series because it was the 60's and heaven forbid a chick be strong... OMFG... but in the books... holy... she absolutely rocked.

Hard core.

As far as I know, she's the only Companion to outright kill the Master and beat him at his own game at the SAME TIME... by herself... and then the icing on the cake was that she STOLE HIS TARDIS and took off with it before the other Time Lords could catch up with her leaving him to be caught by them if/when he regenerated.

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*ducks from the flying objects about to fly at her head, but pokes her head up long enough...* It's GRACE, not Gracy... *ducks back down again as fast as she can.*

WHOOPS! I even know that!

Seriously, though, Susan might not have rocked in the TV Series because it was the 60's and heaven forbid a chick be strong... OMFG... but in the books... holy... she absolutely rocked.

I've heard that! Unfortunately I've only seen the TV show and, well...

As far as I know, she's the only Companion to outright kill the Master and beat him at his own game at the SAME TIME... by herself... and then the icing on the cake was that she STOLE HIS TARDIS and took off with it before the other Time Lords could catch up with her leaving him to be caught by them if/when he regenerated.

She sounds very badass.

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Now, hopefully this has signed me in correctly... if not it's still Miiro. Hopefully it lets me give you the excerpt where it happened...

From the book EDA: Legacy of the Daleks

Darkness had flooded Susan’s hearts, and she simply sat on the floor of the Master’s TARDIS as bitterness and loss filled her soul. The Master had shot her grandfather – perhaps killed him – and he had certainly killed David. Tears fell from her eyes unheeded as she thought about the loss. David had been her whole life for over thirty years, everything she had given up her freedom and heritage for. The recent troubled times were an unfair testament to their many happy years together. She knew they’d have got over their problems somehow. But now, there was no chance.

She’d known that David would die before she did – a long time before. But being gunned down by a homicidal maniac, after all they’d survived through. . . The same maniac who had uncaringly unleashed the Daleks back on Earth again. It meant nothing to the Master that the Daleks would create havoc and deal out death or enslavement to anyone who crossed their paths.

To him, humans were insignificant beings, to be used and discarded as he wished.

Grief was rising within her, but not as swiftly as the rage. This monster had casually destroyed, or attempted to destroy, everyone that she held dear, all to gain a device by which he intended to blackmail other worlds into submitting to his twisted will. Rage filled her body, bringing back life out of her lethargy.

She still held, unnoticed, the Master’s TCE, clutched in her frozen grip. The Master was paying her no attention at all as he laboured over his TARDIS’s controls. To him she was simply a minor inconvenience to be disposed of at his earliest opportunity, no doubt.

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(continuing from the last comment)
But he was wrong.

The fury was starting to consume her, giving her back her strength. She had almost forgotten the pain in her hand now as she focused only on her need for action.

There was the sighing again as the TARDIS landed somewhere, the time rotor switching from rising and falling to the spinning scanning mode. ‘Tersurus,’ the Master murmured. His TARDIS was obviously fully functional, unlike the Doctor’s.

Susan rose to her feet, glaring at him, and slowly moved towards the console.

It was quite different in many ways from the one she’d been used to, thirty years earlier, but there were some similarities. Good.

The Master glanced up at her. He was still clutching the transmuter to his chest protectively. ‘Stay away, child,’ he warned her. ‘There are forces you cannot possibly comprehend being harnessed by these controls.’

‘Forces?’ Susan felt like spitting in his face.’ And what about all the things that you don’t seem to understand? Like love, compassion and decency?’

He laughed briefly. ‘Weaknesses,’ he jibed. ‘Excuses for the powerless. There is only one true reality in this universe – that of power! And that is my destiny.’

‘Power?’ Susan stared at him scornfully. ‘You used your power to kill my husband.’

He simply shrugged. ‘Humans have such short lives anyway,’ he commented. ‘I promise to be merciful and allow you to join him soon. When I can be bothered.’

‘Merciful!’ Susan was still moving slowly forward, drawing closer to the controls now. ‘You’re a shallow, vicious, self-centred, evil little troll, with less decency than any of the people you’ve killed. You really
think you deserve power?’

‘Power belongs to those who can claim it and hold it the Master responded, seemingly amused by her argument.

‘Then I’ll show you power,’ Susan snarled. She moved forward, touching both hands to the contacts for the telepathic circuits. ‘And I’m not a human – God help me, I’m one of you.’

The Master’s eyes widened slightly at this revelation, and he gave a sharp cry as he moved forward to knock her hands from the console.

But he was far, far too late.

Susan had known for a long time that she had greater latent telepathic powers even than most of her people. It was raw talent and normally unfocused. But working telepathic circuits could do what her own mind could not. The TARDIS caught up her will, and shaped it, like a weapon – aimed directly at the mind of the TARDIS’s controller.

The Master screamed and collapsed as the mental wave slammed into him.

Susan had harnessed all of her rage, all of her grief, all of her loss, into one, rock-hard emotion of hatred. She sent this seething mass of fury deeply into the Master’s mind, burning at his exposed thoughts, slicing through his own desires, devastating every last thought in his mind. She fed her fury over David’s murder, her anguish about her grandfather, her sense of loss, promises broken, the horror of Daleks resurrected – every last agonising emotion was fed from her mind, amplified by the telepathic circuits and directed like a laser into his brain.

He rolled on the floor, howling in agony as his mind slowly fried. Susan glowered down at him, refusing to feel the slightest twinge of pity or remorse for what she was doing. She wouldn’t even allow herself the luxury of satisfaction, in case that weakened her rage. But she did feel some of the feedback from the Master’s mind, and she stared into the pit of his inhumanity. She saw a creature who never doubted that it was his right to do precisely what he wished, who spared no concern for any other living creature. His own will was all that mattered to him in the entire universe. He was self-consumed to the exclusion of any kind of gentleness or kindness.

Whispers of his knowledge, his thoughts and his deeds crossed Susan’s awareness. They sickened her, and fed her despair and fury. The Master writhed under the bombardment his mind being ravaged and consumed.

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Until, finally, she could keep going no longer. Weakened and shaking, she jerked her trembling hands from the contacts and stared down at the trembling creature at her feet. She knew what she had done to him, and didn’t
have a single regret or doubt. And yet, even after all he had been through, such was his own strength of will that he managed to open his eyes and focus on her.

‘You’re. . . the Doctor’s whelp,’ he gasped. It was a terrible strain on him, but he was focusing solely on this one fact. ‘I shall. . . destroy you. . . have my revenge on him.’

‘You’ll destroy nobody ever again,’ Susan vowed. She showed him the TCE. ‘This time, I’m the one with the weapon, Master of nothing. Get to your feet, or I swear I’ll kill you where you grovel.’

She knew he could read the grim assurance that she meant what she said. She wasn’t even sure he could move after what he’d been through, but he amazed her again. He staggered to his knees, and then to his feet. The transmuter was still locked in his arms, like a precious child in the embrace of a doting mother.

His eyes showed madness, but his will was surmounting even that. He was incredible – and demonic.

‘Outside,’ Susan ordered, triggering the door control.

She also shut down the defence systems totally. It wasn’t beyond his imagining to have sabotaged them in the event of necessity. She had no desire for the TARDIS to incapacitate her now because of some cunning scheme of his. ‘Outside,’ she repeated.

Trembling from his inner struggle, the Master obeyed.
(skipping some lines here)
‘That’s far enough,’ she decided. The Master staggered to a halt. ‘Now, put that thing down and step away from it.’

‘What are you going to do?’ the Master demanded. He seemed to be recovering slowly but incrementally from the mental assault.

‘I’m going to destroy it so that neither you nor any other maniac can use it,’ she replied grimly.

‘No!’ he yelped. ‘It’s my tool to power! You can’t have it! You can’t!’ His mind was starting to crumble again from the stress.

Susan glared at him coldly ‘I’m destroying it in five seconds,’ she stated. ‘If you’re still holding it then – so be it.’

‘It’s mine!’ he screamed, and he tried to run. But he’d overestimated his own strength, and instead crashed to the ground. Whimpering and snarling, he clutched the transmuter to his chest.

‘Five,’ Susan said, and aimed the TCE. There was neither pity nor mercy left in her. She triggered the device, knowing she was killing the Master, too – and discovered that she was glad of it. If any being deserved death, it was him.

The energies of the TCE ravaged through the transmuter, and on into the Master’s body. There was no respite for him now, no way to regenerate from such a death. The transmuter exploded, energies flaring forth. Susan staggered back, shielding her eyes, and reentered the Master’s TARDIS. She closed the doors swiftly and hurried to the console. There she switched on the screen. She could see the energy wave licking futilely at the shell of the TARDIS.

It was over. The transmuter was destroyed, the Master dead.
Now what? What did she have left to her? She stared down at the console, lost and confused. She was free again, in all senses of the word. David’s death had severed her ties to Earth, and, now she had a TARDIS, everywhere was open to her.

She gradually realised that a warning light was flashing. Susan dredged through her memories – her own, as well as some she’d taken from the Master – and recognised it as a signal lock.

That brought her crashing back to the here and now with a shock. When she’d switched off the TARDIS’s defence systems, she’d left it vulnerable to a search from Gallifrey! The Time Lords were tracking her down. . . And she knew what would happen to her if they found her. She’d fled her homeworld with her grandfather for very good reasons, which were unlikely to have changed. She moved quickly, drawing on the Master’s knowledge of his ship to reset the defence grid to shield her signal. Then she set the controls to a random destination and engaged the drive units.

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She still thinks the Doctor is dead, so she's still out there, according to this. Also, according to this, she wouldn't go back to Gallifrey if they called... not even for a war. Maybe if was the Daleks, but it looks like she'd find a way to fight them on her own and still NOT go back to Gallifrey, which implies that she likely survived the Time War and the destruction of Gallifrey.

I have this book in e-book format, if you're interested. Actually, I have ALL the 8th Doctor books in e-book format.

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Wow, that'd be so interesting for Susan to turn up. Would have been a bit more meaningful than "SURPRISE YOU HAVE AN INSTANT CHILD." Most days I forget that Jenny exists.

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WOOHOO! I like this one.

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:D Less stress!
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I do not have time to TICK ALL THE BOXES. (Including Adric and Mel.)

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Poor Adric and Mel with so little votes. All because you didn't have time for them. *sniffs*

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An interesting poll! Will you do one for villains and monsters and aliens and such-like?

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I was thinking about maybe doing one on extended universe canon. Do you know of any sites that list things from books and audios and such?