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I'm doing a rewatch of Veronica Mars and have gone through the first 2 seasons.

  • Veronica really is an awesome character, isn't she? I'm pretty sure I've never seen her exact type on any other show. She's this strange cross between a misanthrope and a sympathetic soul, but it works. It's like she's a 30-year-old stuck in a teenager's body, who can't believe she has to worry about bio exams and dear God does she actually have to go to the prom?

  • I'd forgotten how dull Duncan is. He oozes blandness. The only thing interesting about him was when he was on the potential suspects list for Lilly's murder. Otherwise the thing with Meg: dull. With Veronica: dull. Meg again: dull. Running off with his daughter was probably the best for him since he was already a middle-aged man.

  • I think Veronica has a good handle on dating Logan and everything that involves. She's dumped him once before when she didn't want to deal with his shit. I don't quite remember how S3 goes - I know they separate again - so we'll see how that goes down. It's fine for Logan to have Issues (he's pretty messed up), but Veronica shouldn't have to be responsible to fix those Issues.

  • The Lilly storyline is still the best, although it's much better when you don't know what happens.

Also, I happened to see the unaired S4 clip where Veronica's in the FBI. I was...unimpressed. I didn't think it was all that interesting. Maybe partly because the FBI thing has been done to death? Or because there were 25 guys in suits who all looked alike? I know Veronica's intelligence makes her perfect for FBI work, but I'd have loved to see her being a private investigator with her dad and delivering Veronica-style justice. Like getting back at a deadbeat dad with the help of Carl the bookie who owes her a favor. She deserves better than that, but what can I say? I'd love seeing her in that world.

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