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Dear flist:

I have the feeling I'll be wanting to read a fic or two of post S3 Veronica/Logan in a bit, much like I had the urge to read a fic or two of Daniel/Betty after I finished watching that. It's not that I want to READ ALL THE FIC NOW OMG, but I'd be interested in something well done to wrap things up.

Can anyone recommend a good post S3 fic?

(I'm currrently mid S3, aka Logan's pj wearing phase.)

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*lurks in this thread*

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*sees you lurking*

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Delurks you and forcefully makes you acquire more M/I fic for [ profile] kammgirl's enjoyment. :)

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A Strange New Story Every Time It's ten years in the future and really made me feel better about how things were left. Also quite long.

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Awesomesocks! This is probably exactly what I'm looking for!

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I am so glad you like L/V. I was unsure how you would feel about Logan. I can rec some truly awesome VM fics, but I am not sure if they are S3. The fandom started to drop off dramatically in S3 and a lot of the fic authors started getting into Supernatural around that time.

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That's a shame. I really am looking for post S3 stuff as opposed to general ship fic.

But both of them really should go into therapy. Logan for steps on how not to become either of his parents, and Veronica for trust issues.
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I don't have specific memories of fics, but the vm_santa challenge community had a lot of post S3 L/V stuff the year I participated!

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Ooh, thanks!

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I LOVE angsty Logan, but I hated S3. I have A LOT of fic, but here are a few I've saved:

None of those quite deal with exactly what you want, but they're future fics.

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Yay! Thanks!

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*jumps over to this post*

I read this fic just the other day and though it was pretty nice. It's short but spans the whole period from the last episode to 30 years later.
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