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mrv3000 ([personal profile] mrv3000) wrote2011-03-19 08:14 pm


  • I'm trying to convince myself that I'm not sick *shivers*, and also keep myself awake for a bit so I don't wake up at 3 a.m.

  • HP marathon on today. Tiny children are wee! But I'm up to the Goblet of Fire and it still cracks me up how OMGRAGE Dumbledore is compared to the book. :D Also, hello Doctor (obviously during one of his emo phases) and sparkly vampire (damn you Voldomort for the future gnawing and Renesmee!)

  • I've decided to skip the DW CiN special this year. I'd like to keep a general like of the characters and the show, and from what I understand there were one too many sexist jokes. (Like not blaming Rory for not keeping it together, but instead blaming Amy's clothes. But it's okay because it's a JOKE and if you don't laugh you just need to lighten up. Yeah, I'll take a pass, thanks.)

  • This vid is very cool. (Yoinked from [ profile] holdouttrout.)

  • I've discovered that the majority of Veronica Mars fic is angsty Veronica/Logan porn or scary pairings. *runs away*

  • I think I need tea.

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