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I take that as a "We'll think about it. Don't call us. We'll call you..."

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Jonas crosses his fingers too. :)

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"General scorn." How about "specific outrage"? Thank you, Christie estate, for having more sense than Disney. They better shut this down, and fast, or there will be more than just scorn headed their way.

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Hopefully they'll shut it down. BAH.

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Yes, please. Miss Marple is only Miss Marple when she is in her specific time period which I am currently forgetting, knitting, in St. Mary-whatsit.

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Why would they even consider this? Why? Would they call it Miss Marple the early years? I hope they don't do this.

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Me too. It's too horrible to think about!

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I liked this line: "Agatha Christie’s biographer Laura Thompson said that the author would not have been happy with Disney’s desire to mess with tradition."


Glad they're having second thoughts. May they have third, and fourth, and as many as necessary to see that this would be a TERRIBLE IDEA.

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If Christie didn't like Margaret Rutherford, she'd be horrified about Jennifer Garner and this Disney-fied American nonsense. BLEH.