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I finally got a look at the DW S6 trailer.

Ooooh! It looks like there could be some fun stuff in S6! My interest level just went from Indifferent to Cautiously Interested. I might even watch that prequel thing that's floating around.

  • Nine-Ten TARDIS interior? HMMMM. Looks like something dire is happening, so maybe the TARDIS is cycling through her screensavers? Because of...drama?

  • Okay, honestly I don't really care about Who River Is. Basically she's had just as much characterization as anyone else in S5, even though they keep trying to tell us that she is a Mystery. I just... I'd call it beating a dead horse, but I'm not sure there was a horse there to begin with. (General wish for River: more competent kick-ass River and less Sweetie Darling River. God, that grates on me when she's in that mode.)

  • Creepiness! I really hope Moffat has gotten his creepiness mojo back. Sorry, but nothing in S5 was even remotely scary.

  • General note to Moffat on S6: please to be not writing the same things over and over, thanks. This includes anything solved because a future character told him/herself to do it (massive, massive, MASSIVE Writing Cheat For Dummies), and re-using villains. Daleks and Cybermen are reluctantly excused. iDaleks are not excused.

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