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mrv3000 ([personal profile] mrv3000) wrote2011-03-31 01:13 pm

More eReader thoughts.

More for my own use - just getting down my list of what's important to me in an eReader.

    1. Readability/the screen. This is the biggest thing to me. I want it to look like paper and not a video screen. So no color, unless it can switch to paper mode. I can get fatigued reading too much on a video screen, so the closest this can mimic paper, the better.

    2. Ease of uploading fic. I still have most of The Altverse series to go through, after all. :)

    3. The formats it uses. I'm disappointed that everyone's being so proprietary about things. Borders has already gone down the drain, what if B&N goes bye-bye? Won't I be able to buy eBooks anymore if I have a Nook? This bugs me because there are tons of different companies that make DVD players, and they all can play the same DVD. It's ridiculous that eBooks aren't the same way.

    4. Size/weight. I don't want to be squinting to read, but I don't want to hold something giant. A large paperback size would be ideal since I wouldn't want to have to flip to the next screen every two lines or something. Lighter is obviously better, although my number one reading spot is in bed, lying on my side. The book is sort of propped up as opposed to held, so I can't imagine a few ounces difference in weight would matter much.

    5. Library eBooks. In theory, apparently. I've not used the service, but apparently the San Diego library has a decent sized collection of eBooks. No idea if it includes anything I want, but it would be nice to have that option down the road.

    6. Wi-fi. It's pretty low on the list since it sounds like it could be handy for transferring files, but I don't plan on surfing the web with this thing. I've got a laptop for that.

    7. Battery life. It seems like all of them are fairly decent. As long as it gets me through the couple of hours I usually read at night, I'm good.

    8. Keyboard/touch pad. I simply don't care what type of interface it has, so long as it isn't clumsy to use.

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