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I feel sort of dirty that my first post after my temporary LJ hiatus is a Vampire Diaries post. I mean. You know. ANYWAY, on to it.

  • Apparently there are witches. Am now awaiting a Yeti.

  • Damon removed his shirt. He also has an inordinate amount of fancy bath soaps. As vampires do.

  • Stefan touched Elena. (No word on if it was a stunt double.)

  • Parents make an appearance! Or are at least talked about. This surprises me since I didn't think parents existed in this universe. Although it's good to know that these "parents" are of the clueless variety since they haven't gotten their families the hell away from the blood and mayhem. (Hard and fast rule of teen drama: adults are obliviously stupid.)

  • Elena now owns the vampire brothers' house. Why? Because it's every teenager's dream to own property. Duh. Hope you're saving your pennies for those property tax payments the vamps just stuck you with!

  • Someone named Klaus has possessed the unfortunately-named Alaric. All I can think of is this:

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