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Book reviews.

Anthem for Doomed Youth by Carola Dunn
    This is the latest in the Daisy Dalrymple series, and how many ever books in I'm still enjoying it. However, this one did have a slightly different feel to it than the others.

    First off it was much more Alec-focused. The mystery pretty much centered around him and his police work, so it sort of shifted from cozy mystery to crime drama. While Daisy does stumble across a body (of course) it's kind of superfluous. And while she at one point offers a suggestion, she's really not involved in the main mystery.

    Second, there's a darker edge to it all. The murders stem from an incident that happened during WWI. The whole thing is very tragic, and gets much more philosophical than previous books. There were a few moments of introspection that reminded me of Dorothy Sayers' writing. Overall I thought it was a good thing and wouldn't mind if the author continues to write a little deeper.

    While it was Alec-focused, we did get some fun Daisy stuff, like seeing her and Belinda together. I've always loved reading about their relationship. Also Sakari takes on a pretty big role as Daisy's BFF. The two of them sleuthing together was so much fun! If Scotland Yard shudders at Daisy, they'd be horrified at Daisy and Sakari. No force could stop them! XD

    Also to note: I'd like to sign up for the Daisy/Alec style of parenting, please. With a nanny and a nursery maid, they can play with the kiddies and then leave all that messy stuff to other people. Come to think of it, that's pretty much me as an Aunt. :D

One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde
    Fforde's Thursday books always have a lot of what I call "active reading" involved - where the point isn't to dissolve into the story, but to be aware of hows, whats, whys, etc. of reading while reading - and this book had even more of it. I think he might have turned reading into a sport! There were so many times I re-read something just to absorb the cleverness of it, and I'm sure there were things I missed. As always, the more you know about literature, the better time you'll have.

    As far as the story itself, it was interesting to get a new take on Thursday. This book is entirely from the perspective of the written Thursday - the one who plays Thursday in the book series. And Pickwick is played by Lorina Peabody III, who is basically an old diva who occasionally scams people out of money. :D

    While I did like reading this, I still missed original Thursday and the cast of characters that comes with her. Many of them were around, but they had a brief appearance and/or were the written versions - the actors behind the characters. I get the feeling that the author gets bored a lot, so he's always going off in different directions. I both appreciate that and miss the familiar.

    I'd recommend this, but only if you've read the previous Thursday books, otherwise much of it won't make any sense.

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