mrv3000: made by elismor (Leverage - Parker & Hardison)
mrv3000 ([personal profile] mrv3000) wrote2011-04-13 08:39 pm

This & That

  • I just watched Tron Legacy. HA! That made next to no sense. XD I am glad they got Bruce Boxleitner back for it though.

  • So. The best kind of doughnut: glazed? sugared? powdered? jam? I think maple bars might be my favorite.

  • Dear Matt Smith: Please to be not taking classes from Moffat on what kind of douchey things to say in interviews. These kinds of extracurricular shenanigans drop my enthusiasm for S6. Thanks in advance.

  • Has anyone ever watched Lark Rise to Candleford? Good? Bad? Worth watching?

  • I'm pretty sure I had another point.

  • Maybe not though.

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