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Well this just sucks. Currently my IP seems to be blocked from LJ. I can get to the site through anon surfing, but not directly, which means no logging in, no reading the majority of my flist, no responding to comments...

I'm not a bot and I don't have any viruses! *shakes fist*

(Am posting this through Dreamwidth.)
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[personal profile] captaintish 2011-04-09 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
I think it has to do with those DDOS attacks. (I have no idea what DDOS stands for, but it keeps coming up in LJ's notes thingies)

So far I haven't had any problems. :D

But I really hope LJ gets this sorted out, I don't want everyone moving over to Dreamwidth. I like LJ better. There's more going on there, and I get more userpics.
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aww, hope it gets fix soon

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The problems at LJ are so annoying. I've gotten the bot thing too a couple of times yesterday.

And I believe this is my first comment on DW since I created this journal last summmer. lol
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I've been wondering where you were! Damn DDoS. :(

(Every time LJ goes down for a while, I think, "I really need to use Dreamwidth more," but then LJ comes back up and I get complacent again.)

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Does your IP appear on this map?

I know LJ is currently working on a lot of stuff to deal with the DDoS attacks, and I've been getting occasional "Hai, we see you are a bot! Fuck off!" screens. But then I refresh and it works again.
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"Hai, we see you are a bot! Fuck off!"


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I wasn't on the map, so who knows what that was all about.

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Glad everything ended up working out :)

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Me too! It was driving me nuts!

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I've gotten a few of those. "You read too fast, screw you!". They are a bit baffling.

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No Michelle! How will I read your TVD thoughts on everyone else's TVD thoughts if you don't have LJ! D:

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