Mar. 6th, 2011 09:09 pm
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I probably should be angsting about March Madness, so...*flails*?

I tried. :D

Even though CJ is losing at the moment (Boo.), it's made me realize that I'm in the mood to do another West Wing rewatch. So many great characters, but CJ really is her own brand of awesome.

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[livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar has gone off to tumblrland, where she tells me that it's fashionable to place birds artfully in screencaps. And because I never want to be left out of a trend:

S1 of Downton Abbey )
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There. Fixed it for you. CLICK AWAY.

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After the last TVD episode I have a certain impression of a character, and [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar has been trying to tell me that I am WRONG. (How dare she correct my opinions of something I know very little about and refuse to watch??)

Since this involves the last episode, I suppose I should cut it.

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Since Doctor/Rose meta discussions have dwindled (unsurprising), how about a place to discuss a wide variety of Doctor/Roseness?


[livejournal.com profile] d_r_meta

There'll be a weekly topic ranging from the serious to the very silly. Go forth and join!



Feb. 25th, 2011 09:53 am
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Snow is predicted for San Francisco! And snow at the 1000 ft mark in So Cal! MAYBE I SHOULD GET SUPPLIES TO RIDE OUT THE END OF ALL THINGS.
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I have to admit something. Even though I don't watch (and have absolutely no plans of watching) The Vampire Diaries, I've gotten kind of addicted to reading people's posts about it. Okay, okay, partly it's because I have both Damon/Elena shippers and Stefan/Elena shippers on my flist, and it's interesting seeing people's different takes on the same thing. I might start my own fandom for TVD fandom. XD

Anyway, here is what I was able to parse about episode 2x16 from reading my flist.

Spoilers... )
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This is probably a big reason why I tend towards canon pairings: I like things to squee at. After watching Ugly Betty, I read a couple Daniel/Betty fics. Ones that made me say, "Yeah, all right! Rock on, Daniel/Betty!" (My head seems to be having an embarrassing Michael Damian thing going on.) But when I go back to the show, there's very little to actually squee at. In fact, except for the last couple of episodes I didn't even want the two of them together.

Not that I love the pairing enough to turn fannish about it, but it made me realize that canon pairings are way more fun for me. I need an onscreen fix!
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This weekend my main mission was clothes shopping. I could do with just about everything, and I figured it was a good time since I'm getting a tax refund. I went in willing to spend some bucks. And then I encountered The Ugly.

I think part of the issue is that I need a lot of Business Casual. Not suits and dresses, but not cotton tops. But many stores' ideas of Business Casual involves catering to the over-60 crowd. In 1985. I only tried on clothes in 2 stores, and only wound up getting 2 tops for work and a purse.

And then there were the shoes. I prefer ankle-length dress boots in the winter. But for some reason (known only to feeble fashion minds) they decided that all dress boots will have giant spiked heels. Not only does this look mildly ridiculous, I actually have to walk around at my job instead of sit somewhere and look pretty all day.

Fashion is on my List at the moment.
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I declare February 18 to be International Call the Doctor on His Bullshit Day! \o/

Many times the companions are blamed for a mess that's really the Doctor's fault. He escapes blame due to being such a special snowflake, but not today!

A few pics of companions getting in the mood. )
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  • To those that forced me into community ownership, I will swear revenge! Or I would if I wasn't far too lazy for revenge.

  • Bridalplasty proves we've finally entered the dystopian reality of Max Headroom.

  • Putting on your hazards doesn't make things like red curbs disappear. Welcome to your ticket! HAR.

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I finally watched all of Ugly Betty.

Just a few comments. )
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You know that meme where someone describes a show they don't watch, simply based on reading their flist?

This is The Vampire Diaries. )
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I'm going through Ugly Betty and am getting towards the end of S2. Okay, everything about Henry/Betty makes me cringe just so much. Henry makes me cringe just so much. In the very beginning I thought he was cute, but he's just so...UGH. I want to slap him lots and lots. And lots.
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I thought about posting this weekend about various things, but couldn't think of anything terribly interesting to say. Topics included:
  • Puppy Bowl!

  • Darth Vader commercial. (Cute!) Rich prison commercial. (Dodo!)

  • Taro root frozen yogurt is yummy and probably my favorite flavor at Yogurtland.

  • S5 had action figures instead of people for characters.

  • Why can't you kill neopets?

  • Does anyone else still have Christmas decorations out?

  • Why do fans become shocked and outraged about something that TPTB have said all along would happen? (Or wouldn't happen.) 100% avoidable waste of energy?

  • Ugly Betty - Daniel is the dumbest brick in the pile and I hope he gets tested A LOT. Ew. Seriously, STDs are all I can think about with him.


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