Oct. 27th, 2010 09:10 am
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I seem to ask this every year, but does anyone have any creepy stories? 'Tis the season to sit around telling ghost stories! :)
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Reminder: Go forth and commit D/R comment fic! WRITE ME FLUFF, DAMMIT.

D/R picture of cute as incentive. )

Also, I keep finding reasons not to buy an eReader. $130 min. is a chunk just so I can read fic. (If I could check out library books on it, it'd be a different story.) Plus I keep thinking that in a couple of years the technology is going to get way better.
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For the most part I like living in a city. I'm an urban dweller and too much open space is creepy, man. But then there are days I'm checking traffic for the commute home and see this:

Issue Sigalert: Couch on fire in the middle lane.


I just...I don't even know.
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I watched the first 5 episodes of Dollhouse yesterday. I like it. :D (Still no burning desire to catch up on other shows though. Maybe if they were on Netflix instant viewing, since it appeals to my inner slug.)

Still reading a lot, which has resulted in the occasional facepalm moments of inner narration of my own life. "She poured the water into the kettle, thinking what a good job she'd done in washing the car..."

And speaking (sort of) about tea, I've finally found "My Tea." (As in "My Goldfish" or "My Doctor.") Rooibos! I'll admit I originally picked it up in a moment of dorktitude at wondering what the "bush tea" from No 1 Ladies Detective Agency was all about. (The books go on and on - the author probably has stock in a company.) It has a sort of strange earthy smell and is ever so slightly sweet. I've never been a huge tea drinker since while I've liked tea, I've never loved it. But this stuff I could drink all the time. It's kind of comforting.
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  • Driving was wretched this morning. I could go into detail, but summed up it's basically "BLAH BLAH FISHCAKES."

  • This shot of Disneyland is gorgeous. I just made it my computer's background. :D (Yes, that's actual snow above Los Angeles.)

  • I'm zero-ing in on a laptop. A Sony VAIO. The drawbacks seem to be that the battery life isn't so wonderful, and it's only a 1366x768 resolution. I think I could live with both. On the battery thing, are there external batteries I could buy to plug my laptop into if I wanted? It's not something I need immediately, but it'd be nice if I was planning a long trip. (I'm fairly clueless when it comes to laptop-related things.)

  • HA! Just ordered the laptop! No going back now!

  • We have so much cakes, cookies and candy in our office now - all as gifts. *is really wishing for a fruit basket* :D
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  • I can't believe it's only two weeks to Thanksgiving! (And one week to my birthday, but that seems less eventful.) It looks like I've managed to get out of going to Random Distant Relative's place this year, and get to do my own thing! I'm possibly more happy about this than I should be. I'll do a small turkey (and live off it for the next year), and make a pumpkin pie. So now I just have to decide what sides to do. Stuffing, obviously. But what to do for vegetables...? (Can't stand green bean casserole, and I don't like that marshmallow yam stuff.)

  • Can I justify making an apple pie this weekend if the following week I'm going to make another pie? I think I can live with myself.

  • Speaking of apple pie, I know that sometimes people mix apples to make pie. (One kind for flavor and one for texture.) Anyone have any good apple combos to recommend?

  • I've been watching a lot of my DVDs while on the treadmill. Last night I pulled out the Lord of the Rings DVDs and started on that. I haven't watched those in a while, so it'll be fun to watch all that again. LotR question: I know this all was inspired by the author's experiences in WWI. Are the different groups (elves, humans, hobbits, wizards, etc.) supposed to represent specific groups of people or nationalities? Or isn't it that literal?
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It's really hard to work when a celeb gets engaged. Because I want to sit there and read things like ONTD and other places. The funniest bit has been the posts where people are convinced - convinced - that this SPN person is actually gay (or at least bi) and that him getting engaged to a woman (of all things) is a PR cover. Defend-it-argumentatively-in-comments convinced.

See, I think this is where a lot of my problem comes in with RPF. Sure there are some people who handle it just fine, but there are others where there is no line between fiction and reality. It's all reality for them.

And on that same note, David Tennant will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever date you. Ever. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Not even if you meet him at a book signing. Or a con. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Seriously. I am not kidding. So no falling off the deep end if he gets engaged to GM, m'kay?

Anyhoo, I just got my apple slicer in the mail today! PIE! It looks like it'll be cooler this weekend, so a good time for baking. I'm thinking a dutch apple pie. And then take it in to work: "BEHOLD. PIE."

BOO 2!

Oct. 28th, 2009 09:43 am
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I know I asked this last year, but I'm in the mood again. Anyone have any ghost stories to share?
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  1. The supervisor came back today to do some transition stuff. Any surprise I now have a splitting headache?

  2. I've become re-addicted to Mythbusters, partly because it's a great sleeping show. I have certain shows I can load up and I'll be out in about five minutes. :D

  3. *FLOPS*

  4. [ profile] goldy_dollar wrote me fic! \o/ But apparently it needs an ending. "And then they became pirates." (HEH! Old Stargate fic by...I can't remember who. But quite possibly the best ending to a fic ever.)
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  1. I might be getting my dad's cast-off Roku player (goes with your Netflix account so you can watch stuff directly on your TV without getting DVDs in the mail), but that means I need to set up wireless. I'm not quite sure how to do that, and how to make it secure, so if someone's got a very very simple guide, that'd be wonderful! (e.g., "You buy this, this and this, then you plug this into that, that into that, run this in XP and then you're done.") I'd like to get a laptop down the road, so I'd need wireless eventually. But I don't want the neighbors pilfering it.

  2. It's been a whole year since DW's Journey's End aired. It really doesn't seem like that long! This needs a couple of pics. )

  3. I've listened to the first Torchwood audio (I liked it), but haven't listened to the other two yet. I like listening to that stuff driving to and from work, so I've been saving the other two. I'll probably write something up after I've heard all three.

  4. I've been tired all day. I took a nap this afternoon, and I swear I could go nap again. I think I might need to zone out on the TV for a while.
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  • The south Australia fires - how horrific. I know the hell of wildfires and I really feel for them.

  • Homemade chicken soup ramblings. )

  • I swear radios should be banned in apartments. Unless you live in a detached house, DO NOT play the radio after 10 p.m. or before 8 a.m. I don't care how much of a normal volume you think it is, it's NOT. Sound carries and invades other people's lives. If you will DIE if you can't listen to music during those times, get a damn iPod.

  • That latest BSG episode. )

  • I currently resemble a drowned rat since I had to go to the bank at lunch. At my place it's currently 48 and raining. That's...really close to snowing, right? OMG.
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I should be happy since it's Friday, but there is the cranky.
  • People seem to be more idiotic when driving these days. I could tick off a long list of how people are being stupid, but basically it all boils down to a ME FIRST attitude. Damn kids get off my freeway!

  • Someone in the office insists on making all her calls on speakerphone. WHY?? It's annoying to the person on the other end and it's annoying to the people in the office.

  • I had a project done at the end of November, and the Supervisor STILL hasn't signed off on it, meaning I have to deal with all the fallout since this involved something that happened January 1.

  • I am creatively stunted.

I'm not doing much this weekend, although I've gotten on a making-and-freezing-food kick. I made lasagna this week and I'm planning on making chicken enchiladas and also red beans and rice.** PARTY! Oh, apparently there's some sort of big football game this weekend too, which I don't even feel like watching for the commercials. MEH.

** Red beans and rice would freeze well, wouldn't it?
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You know what I'd love, LJ? The ability to get notices when an individual posts in a community. Right now you can get notices if a post pops up with certain tags, but that does me no good when I'm stalking a specific WIP that only gets posted in a community. No, they don't post it in their own journal, so that sort of stalking is out.

This is why I should never ever ever read WIPs. EVIL THINGS.

ETA: OH! Has anyone ever used those vacuum ziplock bags? I'm not talking about the $100 machine version, I'm talking about the kind you can get a little pump for about $10. Do they work? Are they better than regular ziplock bags? Are they worth the money?

And now for a random Doctor Who poll.

[Poll #1339259]
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  • My feet are cold.

  • Back before DW fandom, I had no desire to look at fanart. If I ran across it, I'd eye it with suspicion and quickly move on. In DW...I kinda love it. Like my icon which comes from here. Maybe it's because I'm used to seeing DW in comic-book form that's quasi-canon. I'd say it might be because I'm desperate for anything new involving Ten II and Rose, but I even like looking at non-Rose-related art. Hmmm.

  • On the DW Christmas episode, Dear RTD... )

  • I'm more than ready for the weekend, thanks.
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'lo! Anything happen since Monday? If so, you feel like pointing at it? :D I know, lame. But there's just no way I can catch up with 5 days of posts.

So. Thanksgiving. I had a little, um, thing yesterday. I sorta slipped and hit my knee really hard - elevated, ice, and so on. I could say that it happened while I was heroically saving someone's life, but... It happened while playing miniature golf. Which are total death traps. *nods*
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  • YAWN!

  • I watched a Travel Channel special this weekend about commercial haunted houses. My idea of being scared in relation to Halloween would be to sit in a creepy abandoned house with some people, and freaking out over bumps in the night. Their idea of being scared involves gallons of fake blood. Blech.

    Thinking about the differences, I think the romance appeals to me. The misty figure out in a field. A curtain fluttering in a closed house. A whispered word when you're not sure if you're awake or asleep. The axe murder hacking up someone, on the other hand, is just...real-life gorey. Blech. Again.

  • Politics remains amusing and annoying. Is Palin even running for VP anymore? Or just 2012? (Which...she'd need one hell of a turnaround in 4 years. She might energize the party faithful, but they're not the only ones who vote.)

  • I sniffed a pine-scented candle yesterday. I am now ready for Christmas.

  • ETA: Funny electoral map.


Oct. 16th, 2008 01:12 pm
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[ profile] bittybye2000 reminded me of my love-hate relationship with ghost stories (or shows). I sort of freak out easily about some things, but at the same time ghost stories tend to fascinate me. I usually get the urge to look at ghost stuff this time of year. (One year I got hooked on those ghostcams and, yes, FREAKED MYSELF OUT. Even though I never saw anything. *ahem*)

For me, the only thing that's ever happened (I was probably about 14) is that in one of the houses we lived in, I got woken up a few times to the sound of someone running on the side of the house. Which really would have been impossible - there was a fence there and that side was too short to break out in a flat-out run. Weird.

Then there was the time I found my cheese in the freezer, but I'm pretty sure that was me being stupid. Oh, and there was an invisible duck on my patio that was in danger...but, I might have been sleepwalking for that.

So someone around here has got to have some strange true story.
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So can we post using Journey's End icons yet? :-\

[Poll #1229848]

I babbled for a bit after this poll, but deleted after losing interest. To sum up: Glowtini and Wood-imals.
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  1. Had a brand new desk delivered at work today. Shiny! I actually have room now! And more drawers! I'm quite pleased. And they're building me a wall this weekend - before I had a cube divider. WOO!

  2. I'm already in holiday mode. This week done yet? Although I wish I had Monday off as well.

  3. I got my hair cut yesterday - a bit shorter for summer. Am happy with it - layers and bangs.

  4. I hate anything to do with my car, but I managed to recognize that my car battery was on its last legs when it was hard to start yesterday. So I took it to get a new battery yesterday after work. All by myself!

  5. So we found out in DW 4x09 that spoilers for that episode only )


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