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BSG - finale )
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Back from visiting my parents for the weekend. I'm now in love with grilled asparagus. I might just marry it.

I've fallen down on posting about shows this past week, but on this past BSG, Read more... )

Oh, and I might have become addicted to this online game. You collect eggs! And milk! And sell them in your wee truck! :D
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Okay, this episode was one big info dump. For my own sake I had to break it down. I think this is right.

BSG: No Exit )
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  • The south Australia fires - how horrific. I know the hell of wildfires and I really feel for them.

  • Homemade chicken soup ramblings. )

  • I swear radios should be banned in apartments. Unless you live in a detached house, DO NOT play the radio after 10 p.m. or before 8 a.m. I don't care how much of a normal volume you think it is, it's NOT. Sound carries and invades other people's lives. If you will DIE if you can't listen to music during those times, get a damn iPod.

  • That latest BSG episode. )

  • I currently resemble a drowned rat since I had to go to the bank at lunch. At my place it's currently 48 and raining. That's...really close to snowing, right? OMG.
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  • The UK is cute with all its snow. Or rather, my flist is cute with all its snow.

  • I spent most of yesterday cooking and watching House. (12 hour or so marathon on USA.) I've realized I can't watch House a second time. Once I've watched an episode, I can't watch it again. I know the answer to the riddle and so it just feels pointless to me.

  • BSG: The Oath )
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BSG: Sometimes a Great Notion )
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BSG: Revelations )
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BSG: Sine Qua Non )
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I've got the parents visiting me this weekend, so no DW until later tomorrow. Try not to explode or anything while I'm gone. ;)

Also, a very brief comment on last night's BSG )
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I realized I never posted about Friday's BSG.

BSG: Escape Velocity )
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This is bad. I think I'm getting a chest cold and I'm supposed to be doing things today. Maybe if I don't admit I'm sick, I won't be. I think I'm going with that.

BSG: Ties that Bind )


Apr. 11th, 2008 11:56 pm
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BSG: Six of One )
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I already miss Torchwood. Weirdness.

BSG: 4x01 )
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Doctor Who! You're totally slacking in the religious imagery department!

BSG S4 Promo Poster (No spoilers.)

(Okay, now I'm mentally placing DW characters around in that same layout... :D)

[ profile] scifijunkie pointed it out. Hadn't seen this before!
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WEIRD. I had an *extremely* vivid dream last night, and I swear this is exactly how it happened. I even watched (and can still picture) the scenes I was pointing out to the class of junior high kids I was apparently teaching.

"Today we're gonna watch the episode of Battlestar Galactica where we discover that Kara is part Cylon, and also where Walt makes it back after he and his father supposedly left the island."

*watches TV with class*

"Okay, you see here how Cally shoots Kara in the face, but Kara's eye instantly grows back? It was because Cally had a theory. And note Anders - he seems very happy that parts of Kara can grow back."

*continues to watch*

"Ah, here's the part where Tia Dalma brings in Walt to explain to everyone that Baltar is really Kara's grandfather."

*kid raises hand* "But didn't Kara and Baltar sleep together?"

"Yes! Excellent memory. And this is because--" *turns to write on blackboard* ""

*puts an old tape into the VCR*

"Of course, this isn't the first example of twisted family relationships. That goes back as far as stories go. But the modern renaissance in sci-fi would be Star Wars. This is an original version, by the way, before George Lucas did his upgrades. Consider yourselves lucky to even see this."

And that's when we discovered that the original version of Star Wars had Luke starting, but then everyone singing along, the PotC3 song while on the Millennium Falcon. And I knew I'd just made the media archeology find of the CENTURY.
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I can't seem to stop yapping about BSG this morning. No worries. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be back to writing 50 paragraphs on why losing the Zero Room meant that the Doctor was destined to fall in in love with Rose Tyler a mere 150 years later. Hey, the Zero Room didn't smell like roses for nothing... ;)

BSG: Crossroads II and spec/musing for next season. )

BSG Poll

Mar. 26th, 2007 08:59 am
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Two BSG Crossroads II polls...

spoilers )


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