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  • I have to admit I only half watched Chuck and 24 last night while playing on my laptop, so...I don't really have anything to comment on.

  • New Lost tonight! I am so ready for this show to be done, although I'm predicting a BSG-type ending where I facepalm a lot.

  • Related, I know it's next to impossible to actually plan TV shows out (too many unknowns about being renewed and so on), but wouldn't it be nice to watch a show like Lost that has a spelled-out time frame? "This show has a beginning, middle and an end, and will happen over 4 seasons. Period." (I refuse to believe BSG was like this since I'm pretty sure Ron-baby was making shit up as he went along.)

  • Oh, DW fandom. I know you loathe Rose, but making her a rapist? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're better off. Really. Really really.)

    Although I have to say I'm not really as shocked as Otter, here. I wish I were shocked that fandom (any fandom) is capable of this, but I'm not.

  • Related, I know that it's the thing to cry "I can say/type/think whatever I want!" And that's true. But freedom of speech does not mean that people aren't allowed to react negatively to it.
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  • How great would it have been if "Face" in the new A-Team movie would have been a woman? IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SUPER GREAT! Sadly, it's a dude.

  • I'm being entertained by How I Met Your Mother. I'm about mid-way through S1. So far it's in the "like" category for me rather than the "love" category. 1) I'm finding I really could care less who Ted (the guy explaining "how I met your mother") winds up with, 2)Marshall and Lily are adorable, and 3) Barney/Robin cracks me up. Sadly, this first season seems to be a lot of Ted/Robin, which is like trying to squish a square peg in a round hole. Yeah, that's supposed to be the point, and the audience already knows they don't wind up together, but it's still kind of painful to watch. Ted with anyone is kind of painful to watch. Actually, they could kick Ted off the show, and I'd totally watch the other four. They're that interesting.

  • I finished Chuck. Read more... )

  • We're supposed to have a heat wave this week, including a high fire alert. BLEH.

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Sep. 18th, 2009 01:58 pm
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  1. I'm about half way through Chuck's second season. Still entertained by the show, even though I don't draw little hearts around it like I do with other shows. There is one aspect that has me sighing a lot. Not sighing enough to quit the show, but sighing all the same. Read more... )

  2. I think I've been talked into at least trying How I Met Your Mother. I'D BETTER LIKE IT.

  3. Spooks should be starting soon!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. I've failed to keep up with Project Runway this year. Lifetime's video player sucks, and so I haven't caught up.

  5. Speaking of video players, is it just me or has Hulu gotten worse lately? I used to have excellent playback of everything. Nowadays it's really jerky, which is very very distracting. I don't mind watching commercials and going the legal route, but at least make the quality decent!

  6. Went into an innocent-looking DW post and immediately found Rose bashing in the comments. SADFACEMICHELLE.EXE


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