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I'm creating yet another filter! Is it a drinking game yet?

Anyway, this is a Doctor/Rose ship filter related to Journey's End )

I've thought about it, and I think to make it easy I'm going to make it an opt-out situation. I'll transfer everyone over from my general D/R "squee" filter to the new D/R post-JE filter. If you're on the D/R filter, you'll automatically be moved to the new one. No need to say anything. However, if you don't want to be on that filter, please comment. If the new filter would make you uncomfortable, please comment. I won't judge - the reason I'm doing this is so that people don't have to stress about related posts.

Screening comments. (If you want off of any of my filters, just say so. Again, no judging or unfriending. I really don't want to spam people when they don't want to be spammed.)
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Ahh! AHHH! Must not look, touch, click, read DW meta! NOT. It's making me nuts exponentially. And now that I've watched around 40% of Classic Who, can I legitimately roll my eyes when I see a long-time fan explaining in very small words "The Way Things Are" to newbies? Or do I have to wait until about 70%? Because I'm rolling them already, but it's the legitimacy I'm after.

Fellow newbies, shippers and non-shippers alike, I have come from the holy Mount Sinai where I've been viewing the Sacred Episodes, to share a commandment that was passed down to help guide you through the meta waters:

Thou shalt cite canon for thy theories, lest thee be accused of pulling it out of thine ass.

Nuts, I tell you. NUTS. This fandom is driving me nuts! There's this whole mythology built up that seems to be entirely based in fanon. I'm watching episodes's just not there. All this "The Way Things Are" is simply not there.

Where's my straight jacket?
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I need to haul out my Doctor Who Fannish Glee Map again.

(And with that, I swear there will be no more posts from me today.)
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Have decided my continued obsession during the show's break is due to watching Old Who. Really really really. Because a lot ends up relating to or triggering thoughts. And then these thoughts always end with, "...and that's why the Doctor needs Rose back." MWAH.

I still say you don't need to watch a single episode prior to the 2005 series to enjoy it, but sometimes these old episodes are giving me a more complete picture of who the Doctor was and is. And other times, there're simply giant clams.

The Doctor's S2 loneliness )
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You know, maybe this is why the Doctor was having Rose doing all that hopping as mentioned in the 2005 Children in Need Special. ;)

*G* I needed that.

*gets mental image of [ profile] diavestra shipping off a "Sex Facts" book to [ profile] josephides, who then immediately sets it on fire*
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Yeah, I'm hearing of flailing going on after a certain something in Torchwood that relates to Doctor Who. And I then wonder, "well, what's so bad about...?" And *then* I start typing as I can't help myself.

spoilers for that thing in Torchwood - you probably know the one by now )
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Thinking about watching Classic Who and having it relate to writing in the New Who universe, got me to thinking about Rose discovering One.

bit o' dialog )


Dec. 28th, 2006 08:34 am
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Okay, okay. I'd better start putting the D/R DW stuff back in the Crazy Filter. Even if it's not so crazy. (Okay, I do get a little crazy.)

This is just a question about some wording in Doomsday.

Read more... )
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I've decided I can't keep exposing my flist to "The Crazy." You know, where I spend 30 minutes crying over D/R. I've really got to make a filter for those posts. Yeah, yesterday's post was flocked, but I'd imagine there's some eye rolling of "Sweet Lord, there she goes again." I have no idea if I'd make one post in total in this filter, or post daily. But whatever it is, it'd most likely be lacking in simple logic.

ETA: This started out as a catch-all Doctor Who filter, but I've since moved the Doctor/Rose stuff to another D/R filter. So more meta-type stuff goes here.

If you want in on this filter, just say so. Honestly, I could care less for your reason, even if it's to mock. (Actually, I need a good mocking every now and then. Keeps me sane.)

I thought about making a one-box poll (TICKY BOX!) for the filter, but LJ doesn't let you know when someone's voted. And I'd *completely* forget about looking at it down the road.

ETA: Everyone up through [ profile] misssimm has been added so far. You should be able to see a later post called "The First Crazy Post." (Might need to refresh. ETA: Yeah, now have 2 posts in the crazy filter due to an unexpected development.) Poke me if you can't, and I'll keep adding people as they comment.

ETA2: Am totally amused at the "you make me feel sane" comments. HA! :D


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