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Dec. 1st, 2010 12:12 pm
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I ran across this thread over at a Disneyland forum just now, and it made me grin. I thought I was the only one weird enough who loves the smell inside The Pirates of the Caribbean since it's a mixture of chlorine, diesel and must. Really. :D
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I said that today was the day for fannish rage or something, and Disney's no exception.

More drama! And it's not even about that damn bear! )
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The Disney Parks blog has a post about Duffy the bear today.

Yup. Still looks cheap and generic.

Also, I call shenanigans on the comments. Every Disney forum I've been looking at has been filled with "DO NOT WANT" while this is filled with "OMG YAY!"
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Do not want. )
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Disney to give away 1 million free tickets to volunteers.

Instead of the birthday giveaway, in 2010 they will give away admission to Disneyland or Disney World to people who do volunteer work. I think this is a wonderful idea. Very win-win all around.

Also, Disney is starting their own theme park blog:


Which I've already subscribed to on LJ with [livejournal.com profile] disneyparksblog, because, yes, I am exactly that dorky. :D


Sep. 1st, 2009 05:21 pm
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I've seen several people posting about the Disney buyout of Marvel, and thought I'd pass this along. I found it pretty interesting. It's written from the Disney side of things, specifically focusing on theme parks.

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I suddenly really really really want the "Witch Minnie headband." I'd totally wear it to our company's annual Halloween event!

Pic at a Disney forum. (Scroll a little more than half way down.)

Hopefully either the Disney Store or a shopping service will sell it.
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There is drama in the Disneyland fandom DRAMA, I SAY. If you haven't heard (and why not? this is important news!) they've slightly modified the Small World ride to now include characters. Blasphemy! Woody, Nemo, Mulan, Alice, Aladdin... GADS.

I'll have to admit when I first heard about it, it sounded sort of jarring. But pictures are out from the opening and... The characters have been done in Small World doll style. They sorta look like they belong there already.

As much as some absolutely loathe the fact that this classic ride has undergone change, I predict the wee ones of today will love the updated ride. Seeing Cinderella in the ride will become a fond childhood memory.

Head here where someone's posted a bunch of pictures in a forum.
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I went to Disneyland today.

There and back again. )
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I'm planning on going to Disneyland today. That's IF traffic lets up. There are 2 accidents between me and it right now, plus lots of blue and yellow dots. (Have to take I-5.) Normal time, about an hour. Right now, probably an hour forty-five at least.


Hmph. Well, I guess I can always go tomorrow if things don't clear up. One last hurrah before my annual pass expires.

ETA: Oy. Accidents keep happening. (It's rainy today.) Maybe I should just figure on tomorrow. It would have been nice to go on a weekday, but not sure this will be letting up anytime soon.

ETA2: Forget it. I'll go tomorrow.
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  1. I had a revelation while watching a snip of The Santa Clause 3. The thought of jolly old white-haired Tim Allen Santa Claus having a pregnant wife evokes a "OH DEAR GOD NO NO NO. I'D LIKE TO SPORK MY EYES OUT NOW" reaction in me. I suddenly realized it might be a similar thing when people think of the Doctor and sex. *pets oldschoolers*

  2. Mickey ice cube! )

  3. Charlie Brown Christmas is on in 10 minutes. *readies the hot chocolate*
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Today I answered the call of Muppets lost in time! (Translation, I went to Disneyland.)

Pics )

And now I can't decide if I'm hungry or if I want to sleep.

Note to Karen: NEW TRAVEL MUG! It's Christmas-y and has Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald...and randomly Stitch.

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Huh! Looks like the Mr. Lincoln attraction might be adding Obama (and Washington). Florida has all the presidents, but California has only ever had Lincoln from what I can remember.


Also interesting, there are a couple of pics on page 2 of the smokey sky. You really couldn't have paid me to be at Disneyland during that. Blech.

Oh, back to the Lincoln thing. That whole binaural sound they use for the show gives me the shivers just thinking about it. ACK.
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Disneyland/Disney World will be free on your birthday! Go here to register.

In other Disneyland news, there's going to be a movie about Tomorrowland?

You know, there are just way too many jokes. I think my brain broke. I'm not sure how it is at Disney World, but at Disneyland, Tomorrowland is the worst themed area of the park. It completely lacks any sort of cohesion and they've never really known what to do with it after the 60s when "The Future" became dated. (Not that I was around in the 60s! I'm not that old!)

*uses Tomorrowland icon circa 60s or 70s*
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OH HEY! I just won a preview pass to see the new Toy Story ride at Disneyland! (Well, California Adventure.) Too bad I can't go. :(

(I'd give it away, but it's tied to my Annual Pass, which means it's got my name on it, which they'd be checking against the pass...)
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[livejournal.com profile] diavestra! (And anyone else who has a Disneyland annual pass.)

There's a sweepstakes to win Toy Story Mania preview passes!
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I actually got a separate Thank You note for renewing my Disneyland annual passport this year. *wonders if they're concerned about people's disposable income this year*

(And this is probably where [livejournal.com profile] diavestra will come in and tell me she gets a thank you note every year because she's just that special.)

I got my AP magazine and was thumbing through.

A few things from the magazine. )


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