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Title: Duck Soup
Rating: PG for language (or whatever system everyone has decided to use - P23-x-7carrythesheep+1 for language.)
Fandom: SG-1 (Sam/Jack)
Spoilers: Set in early Season 8. General knowledge of 8.

A/N: This was written due to a moment of insanity of signing up for the [ profile] sjficathon. I was writing for [ profile] poohmusings who demanded UST, set in Season 8 and for the story to stay as close to canon as possible. She absolutely did not want Mini!Anyone, babies and any sort of character bashing. You know how hard it is to write UST in Season 8? Either you've got one thing to deal with, or if that thing is no longer around, you're probably getting out of UST territory. *smacks Karen around* (with love, of course)

After much freaking out about a possible plot, I *jokingly* suggested a story about a farting duck. Karen, without knowing I was writing for her, demanded I write that story. *cough* Obviously, it's a very silly little thing.

Thanks to [ profile] splash_the_cat for betaing and for laughing with me instead of at me. I think. *smooch*

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Title: The Space Between
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Spoilers: "Space Race" tag
Rated: PG

A/N: Just a little post-Space Race ball of fluff. *POOF* Thanks to [ profile] splash_the_cat for betaing! *smooooooch*

The Space Between )
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This is in response to [ profile] nandamai and [ profile] splash_the_cat's Christmas challenge where...well, what would be the fun if I told you?

Very short and stupid. Hey, it's a parody! Smoochies to [ profile] poohmusings for determining that it wasn't *too* stupid. Just stupid enough.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Rated: PG-13 for language
Season: Um...season 6 or prior?
Spoilers: Ha! None.

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First there was nanda's Not a Fic. Now I bring you...

Not a Sequel )

It's probably rated R and set in S6. And I get bonus points for using a first line.
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Title: Two Houses
Pairing/Show: Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete - SG1
Season: 8 - in that general timeframe
Spoilers: I suppose Chimera although there are no direct references.

A/N: This is a *very* odd little thing. It's an allegory and quite different than anything I've ever done. Sometimes you have to try different things just because you have to get it out of your system.

Thanks to [ profile] josephides, [ profile] nandamai and [ profile] poohmusings for betaing and the subsequent fistfight over it. ;)

Remember - odd )
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There's no painting this any other way. This is pointless fluff.

Title: Road Warrior
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Rated: PG-13 for language and adult dialogue
Spoilers: None
Season: Future LJ format...

Thanks to Jojo and Karen for betaing!
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So apparently it's Talk Like a Pirate Day. Um...Arrrr! And I get this email in my inbox - something about wanting me to write a story where Jack talks piratey - an idea that originated in a chat. Of course, I'm not naming any names. *cough*[ profile] chiroho[ profile] suzvoy*cough* Obviously they were drunk on OJ...or something. Because that's so insane, it just might work! And in a related matter, I'd like to say goodbye to [ profile] josephides who will no doubt unfriend me for doing this.

Heh. Guys - this *probably* isn't what you were hoping for. *VBG*

Ooo - Season 7 spoilers for Homecoming and Fragile Balance.

Warning: unbetaed and insane.

I'm such a pushover. :P )
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Title: Miscommunication
Author: Michelle V.
Rated: PG
Pairing: Jack/Sam
Category: Humor/Romance/UST
Summary: After all these years, Jack still doesn't understand Sam.

Set in Season 7, but no spoilers.

A/N: Jojo & I got to talking about the silent communication between Jack & Sam...maybe Jack's not as all-understanding as we'd like him to be. *g* Thanks to [ profile] nandamai & [ profile] josephides for betaing and a special thanks to Jojo & her brother for the physics a part of the story that got axed.

I already have one fic called Communication. This is Miscommunication. (Because I am a dork and can't think up good titles.) It is in no way related to Communication other than the fact that thirteen letters in the title are the same. Well, actually there are already "m"s and "i"s, so just the "s" is new.

Of course, you can find it on my site or or here:

Miscommunication )
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Title: Was that...?
Author: Michelle V.
Rating: PG - language
Category: Humor/Episode Tag
Summary: Did Jack do something? Or not?
Season: 7
Spoilers: Lifeboat

A/N: For [ profile] josephides & [ profile] nandamai - they who originated the whole debate and in the process gave me more than one grey hair (and made me take out my Nerf bat more than once.) As punishment, I made them beta it. Thanks guys! Very short and *very* silly. And mainly motivated by revenge. ;)

You can read it on my site or

Right here on LJ )
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Finally got that Full Circle tag done!!

The Weather (and Other Topics)
by Michelle V.
Rated: PG
Summary: Jack needs to get his mind off things. (Episode tag for Full Circle.)

A/N: Part of this started a *long* time ago in a conversation with [ profile] emry and then *slowly* morphed into, well, this. Thanks to [ profile] samkicksass and [ profile] josephides for betaing! {smooch}

The Weather (and Other Topics) )
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Title: The Natural Balance of Things
Rated: PG
Summary: Jack falls for Sam.
Spoilers: General Season 7 Spoilers and Season 7 pic, Nightwalkers

Very short and very silly. This was written after seeing that Season 7 spoiler pic (still *not* pic obsessed!!) (Updated with correct pic link - thanks [ profile] anr!)

*stares at icon*

Thanks to [ profile] samkicksass, [ profile] josephides & [ profile] nandamai for the beta-job!

You can always find it on my site (ooo - purple) or right here. Either is just a click away. Wow - choices!

The Natural Balance of Things )
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Episode I: The Phantom Cheese
by Jojo and Michelle V.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Yes. Lots. But... not really for Season 6. Or Seven. That clear it up for you? Um... it's supposed to be set in Season 3. But we only decided that about halfway through because it was convenient. Yeah. We suck.

Disclaimer: Most of this isn't ours. Most of this doesn't resemble anything by the Stargate people but that's because this is a parody. One character is entirely ours but we don't want to spoil it by saying anything here *g*.

A/N: This fic is entirely written for Emry and Melly who - as part of the present - got to beta it as well! Aren't we wonderful? They certainly are. It's the first time a Stormy has ever been betaed. And there were a worrying number of mistakes. Makes us wonder what the hell went on the other two. *shrugs* Good thing we don't do this for a living.

The Cheese is a prequel to "It was a Dark and Stormy Night. Suddenly, a Jaffa Yelled 'Kree!'". Because, clearly, a prequel was needed to explain the complex relationships established in Dark and Stormy I and II. Not just because we kept remembering things we hadn't previously mocked thoroughly.

Thanks to Suz and Hya for turning a blind eye to the overt plagiarism. And thanks to Nanda. For no reason at all.

All hail Suz!

Once again, we'd like to make clear that we're not making fun of *anyone*. We're making fun of *everyone*, including ourselves. Actually, mostly ourselves.

My site or Jojo's site
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Sam/Jack, PG-13, Drama/Romance/Angst, Spoilers: 2010

Warning: Character Death

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New SG Fic

Feb. 27th, 2003 10:10 am
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Holy cow - I wrote something that wasn't a parody! Still humor, though. Set in Season 6, references to The Curse, Sam/Jack, PG for language.

A big huge thank you to AJ (anna the ass kicker) for the betaing!

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It's Done!

Feb. 12th, 2003 12:43 pm
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Presenting: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night II: The Hamster Strikes Back.

It's done!!!

Unfortunately, I've tried posting it in the yahoo groups, and the posts have disappeared. D'oh!

But it is at my site and Jojo's site.

Stupid yahell.


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