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*watches flist being very silly; multitasks playing Club Pogo*

*becomes utterly gobsmacked when silliness is reported to f_w mere minutes after silliness commenced*

Gobsmacked, I tell you! (Why do I keep overestimating the intarweb, and expect people to have reason? I'm starting to think this is a personal flaw.)

What do you think this means?

It means if you're brainless enough to report *that* to f_w, you just got played, you complete and utter fool.

Mike Oscar Romeo Oscar November!
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David Tennant and Catherine Tate were on Comic Relief yesterday, and it was pretty funny. The sketch had CT as a school girl and DT as the new teacher. And the part about his Scottish accent - too too funny. :D (Thanks to [ profile] deltachild for this link.)

youtube screen behind the cut )

CT: You look like Doctor Who!

DT: I'm not Doctor Who, I'm your English teacher.

CT: I think you are though! I think you're a 945 year old Time Lord! Did you just pitch up from Mars?

DT: Don't be ridiculous.

CT: You know, your house - is it bigger on the inside?

DT: Be quiet.

CT: Did you park the TARDIS on the meter?

DT: Can we please get back to Shakespeare? Thank you. So...

CT: Do you fancy Billie Piper, sir?

DT: Right!


And then the end... *G*
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I love that Wil Wheaton has a sense of humor about ST:TNG. Apparently he's done some episode reviews at TV Squad?

As she walks down toward them, she projects some of her thoughts into Riker's mind, and calls him "Imzadi," which is Betazoid for "Backstory red herring that never really goes anywhere for seven years but finally pays off (sort of) in the last movie when Riker gets Worf's sloppy seconds, but let's not go there because 'ew gross.'"


Hey, speaking of things that are lame, here comes Wesley Crusher, who is so busy talking about how awesome the holodeck is, he falls right into some of its totally awesome and entirely realistic water, soaking his brown sweater in the process. Luckily for Wes, he has a closet filled with those horrible things, and in the very next scene, we see he's changed into a spiffy green number (which, if I must be honest here, was the sweater I hated wearing the least.

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This morning I woke up and found out I *may* not be friended by someone who hates Doctor/Rose. Let me repeat - someone who hates D/R might not friend me (okay, gotta pause here - hahahahahahahahahahaha!) And I gotta say...the pain. It's painful. And...more pain. And stuff. How long have I been wandering around fandoms, and anonymity still makes me snicker. You're ALREADY practically anonymous online. I'm "mrv3000." Do you know who I really am? Okay, a very small number of you do. What I'm saying is, why exactly do you need to be anonymous when your screen name is cat920ba27? o_O

Fandom? Cracks me the hell up. Still.

But you know what would *actually* piss me off? IF I DON'T GET MY GODDAMN EGGNOG LATTE TODAY.

ETA: Okay, I wasn't going to link, it being supremely lame and all, but I just got called a "twatwaffle." *falls over* I have absolutely no idea what that is!

ETA2: *Just* noticed the actual post of this, the one where the mocking commenced - DW Anon Meme 2; Doctor Who Fandom Love; A meme to be postive about the fandom. Love on the characters, the stories, the fic, anything you like. Uh huh. Yeah, this is why I am now totally paddling around in my own, and other small, little DW pools. I'm just...THEY OUT-CRAZY ME. It's unsettling.
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For those of you who don't have [ profile] cuteoverload syndicated, you really need to look here. HA!!
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Hello Kitty Darth Vader! Way too funny!!

In other news, I am now up to the "plagiarism paranoia" phase of writing. Wondered when that was going to show up. For every single fic I've written, I've had this overwhelming fear that I would post it and someone would come along and say, "dude, that is *exactly* like what so-and-so wrote." OMG. Every single fic. Well, maybe not the duck fic because, come on. Jack vs. farting duck? But the other non-parodies? THE FEAR.

But I'll have [ profile] manticoran read through it first since she reads *everything*. And then she will tell me portions or all of it has been written before so that I can cry.

Okay, I am hereby stating that I've only read, well, skimmed one post-Doomsday fic and that was a couple of weeks ago. And my fic? Nothing like it. And I'm purposely not reading post-Doomsday fics. There. Now if someone tells me I'm ripping off someone else, I can point to this post. And then cry a lot.
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The blowgun!!

*falls over*

ETA: Warning, some images could be disturbing, but just look at the title of the side, for crying out loud.


May. 4th, 2006 10:16 am
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[ profile] poohmusings showed this to me yesterday. I'm sure it's made the rounds for the last week or two, but it's funny. :D

JJ Abrams: I wish Jack Bristow was real. Jack Bristow would KICK TOM CRUISE'S ASS SO HARD. And then Lena Olin would show up and HELP HIM. They'd TORTURE THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. MAN. I'm just going to write that scene for my own amusement. Shit, does that mean I'm writing fanfic? Not if no one finds out about it, right?

*falls. over.*
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Looks like youtube has some MST3K. Ah MST3K - the show that encouraged episode sharing. Hell, on the older shows they'd sign off by saying "keep trading those tapes!" Just one of the many reasons I wuved them.

Anyway, I found a few Shorts that are pretty amusing. All are from the 1950s - a time when film budgets were spent educating the public on things like inch worms and hem lines. Important things.

Body Care and Grooming

A Case of Spring Fever

What to do on a Date
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[ profile] starbuck92 reminded me of Bunnies Theater. Still so amusing. :D I don't remember seeing the Star Wars one before - HEE! But I think my favorite is still the Jaws one (the shark has bunny ears!!)

We're gonna need a bigger boat.
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Your Friday giggle:
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I think many of you have already seen this. At least, I'm sure I've seen it mentioned on my flist, but I finally got around to watching it.

Brokeback to the Future

This person wins at vidding. Period.

ETA: OMFG. Bush/Blair vid. *scrubs brain*

(I may be camped out at googlevideo for a while...)

ETA2: The Navy's giving out good drugs. (Dammit, now that song's stuck in my head.)

Yes, another... Why Macs Suck
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I happened across this on my f2 list.

2006 State of the Union Recap
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2006 State of the Union Drinking Game

Makes me wish [ profile] poohmusings was down for a visit. Of course, she'd probably attack my TV halfway through and I like my TV.
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Hee hee!

Jan. 3rd, 2006 10:42 am
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I *really* couldn't pass this up. From [ profile] suzvoy:

Six little words.

Don't you think Bush looks tired?

If you get this, pass it on.
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I'm about to clue you in to an infamous tv special. If you aren't familiar with it, after you read about it you may never want to speak to me again.

The Star Wars Holiday Special aired in 1978, and is by far one of the most frightening things ever inflicted upon the human race.

Singing Bea Arthur

Singing Carrie Fisher

Harvey Korman nuzzling Bea Arthur

Mark Hamill in heavy makeup

Bea Arthur

Wookie hugging

The link has screen shots and a whole gallery near the bottom. Enjoy!


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