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I've been marathonning Gilmore Girls lately, and I'm nearly to the end of S4. This show really can be addicting! :D

But I've rediscovered my complete hate of the character Jess. Rory has douchebaggy boyfriends. Dean: self-absorbed douchebag. Logan: self-absorbed douchebag. Jess: self-absorbed douchebag that I want to repeatedly smash against a wall every single time I see him show his ugly face on screen. I think he might be a fandom favorite because he's a "bad boy" and """"deep""""" (yes, the deep needed extra quotes), but he's just a miserable human being. He treated Rory like complete shit, which she constantly had to justify away (and for some brain-numbing reason seemed to be a draw for her), and I LOATHE HIM. His douchebaggyness even rubbed off on Rory when she was with him - other than the valuable life lesson she got from the whole experience, she was worse off for knowing him. I can't believe they were going to do a Jess spin-off. EW.

*ahem* Feels good to get that out. Urge to throttle something is less now.

I'm also finding that I'm not as into the whole Luke/Lorelei thing this time around, maybe because I know how the story goes now. I luurved it back when the show was airing though. (I'm also not looking forward to the April storyline down the road (the actress was all right, but the entire concept of the character is wretched). I have the feeling there might be a lot of fast forwarding.)

But I still love the dialog on this show - it really is some of the best out there. And I love all the Gilmore (Emily, Richard, Lorelei, Rory) relationships going on throughout. Way more than any of the love interest storylines.
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I've been watching repeats of Gilmore Girls lately.
  1. April was one of the lamest subplots ever. Why do PTB ever think that instant children are good ideas?

  2. Did ASP purposely try and tank the show on her way out? Or did it just feel like that?
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Wow. I actually watched the new Gilmore Girls last night, and forgot about it until now.

Hay Bale Maze )

Oh, and the Aeries Girls have been replaced with "CWH." The H standing for "hip" or "hot" or "hyena." God, I don't know. I wasn't paying attention. It was something about...right, no clue. But I guess it's a step up if I'm not staring at them with a "what am I watching?" as they babble off names for thirty seconds. I want those thirty seconds of my life back, dammit!
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I watched some of Gilmore Girls, because apparently I am mental and I was bored. I also watched Veronica Mars.

GG: Farewell, My Pet )

VM: Postgame Mortem )
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The nephew turned 6 today, which is a great age. Tonight he told me all about Beethoven and how he lost his hearing, which he learned in Kindergarten. The only thing I remember learning in Kindergarten is how to draw letters. And also to not rat out kids named Kevin who are trying to trick everyone (how did no one else realize how he'd made the paper smooth?), because they will punch you in the stomach.

So we spent about an hour and a half in Petco, looking at pets. At first it was a hermit crab, but realized they pinched. Then the rodent department (I tried to steer them towards a rat) but his mother was *not* going for the rodents and especially rats. Also, I kinda don't think their rottweiler and a rat would have become best friends. Okay, so fish. But fish are a bigger deal than you may first think with all this equipment and stuff for something you can't even pet. new pets. Alas.

I ended up watching Gilmore Girls but not Veronica Mars tonight.

GG: I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia )
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Gilmore Girls - Merry Fisticuffs )

Also, my mouth just kinda hung a little open as they're no longer bothering with full sentences from the Aeries Girls, and instead there was a 20 second babble of names. Yes, the way it was edited together, it was just a long string of "Luke, Lorelai, Chris, Rory, Logan, Marty." Over and over and over again. I'm kinda doing a codfish impression right now, trying to formulate a response to this. (I briefly thought about mentioning a MST3K joke that ends with "Chief? McCloud?", but no one would get it.) Kudos, Aeries Girls. You've left me speechless.
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Okay, I caved and watched GG again. Which was dumb because after the fact I realized that Charlie Brown Christmas had aired on another channel! :(

Gilmore Girls - Knit, People, Knit! )

Veronica Mars - Spit & Eggs )
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I was bored, and so I slipped up. I watched GG. Oh, and Veronica Mars.

GG - Introducing Lorelai Planetarium )

VM - Lord of the Pi's )

Almost the 5-day weekend! WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!
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There's a catch 22 to beloved shows - they end too early and you're always crying about what never got done; they're on too long and they burst into a flaming fireball of badness. And 'flaming fireball' isn't redundant, it's...poignant. Or something.

Spoilers for upcoming Gilmore Girls episodes )
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[ profile] poohmusings did it, so why not? There are quite a few decent shows out there this season, and so you can actually pick and choose for once.

On the chopping block:
  • Studio 60. I just sort of fell out of interest with it. It started out strong but then kept hitting the same note over and over. After I came back from vacation, I realized I didn't really have a strong desire to catch up.

  • Torchwood. I had my doubts about it on seeing the promo trailer before it aired, but watched anyway. But after seeing it, it's just not my thing. Too dark, and I'm not really talking about the graphic nature of it. (It takes a *whole* lot more than what they aired for me to be offended.) It was more of a "God, this is depressing" thing. And not a good BSG depressing. Not even my Jack love will get me there. But I'll still probably try and ferret out DW-related happenings in Torchwood by reading spoilers. And may even watch if something DW-critical happens. Heh.
On the fence:
  • Gilmore Girls. Why am I still watching this show? Why? I CAN'T STOP.

  • Veronica Mars. I seriously do not know how much more of this plotline I can take. [ profile] nandamai finally hit the nail on the head with my problem with it.
Not gonna even start, so you can tell me how awesome it is and I still won't watch:
    Heroes, The Nine, Prison Break, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights.
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Gilmore Girls - Lorelai's First Cotillion )

Veronica Mars - My Big Fat Greek Rush Week )

Didn't watch Studio 60 on Monday - was out until about half way through and so didn't bother watching. May try and catch up this weekend.
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Heh. Another show that referenced BSG. I'm starting to think the CW network is getting paid for ad space or something.

That's What You Get, Folks... )


Sep. 27th, 2006 06:47 am
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Gilmore Girls - 7x01 The Long Morrow

Read more... )
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From each of your fandoms, choose your favorite character, 'ship and episode. One only!

Pics! )
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Gilmore Girls spoilers )


Mar. 1st, 2006 10:53 am
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I have finally figured out the theme for S6 Gilmore Girls.

Spoilers for Bridesmaids Revisited )


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