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  1. It's September! Does this mean I can officially crave pumpkins and pumpkin-related things?

  2. Go forth and prompt/write at the Doctor/Rose Fixathon! (3 pages of prompts already!)

  3. Nothing really huge to say about Leverage's "The King George Job," but Read more... )

  4. Holiday weekend! 3.5 days off! And my parents are coming down. I know this because I got an email from my mom saying she was bringing a turkey to grill. Okay! :D

  5. ETA: I've been looking at Kindles and clones, but am not convinced about any of them. What I'd actually like to do is to read fics in book form since I really don't like reading on a monitor. But I have seen a Kindle in action and it looks pretty good - almost like reading on paper. The problems are numerous though: the tiny Kindle looks too tiny; the big Kindle apparently is a bit weighty to hold for long periods; the big Kindle doesn't have wifi; PDF files are doable but can't reduce/enlarge text like book files... Why haven't magic books been made yet?
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I finally had a chance to watch Leverage. (I actually taped it. On my VCR. I'd forgotten what those things are for other than changing the channel.)

The Rashomon Job )
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  • I haven't posted about Leverage in a while, but I'm caught up through The Gone-Fishin' Job, and I LOVE MY TEAM. :D I never feel like I have anything deep to say about the show, but it really does fill me with fannish glee. I can't even decide which character dynamics I like the best because it changes every episode. ("I love watching those two together! Now I love watching those two together! "Now three...OMG, THEY'RE ALL AWESOME.") But there are only 3 episodes left this season? Boo.

    A team-ness gif behind the cut. )

  • Random HP update: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!!! That is all.

  • I finally have tiny tomatoes! (I planted late - not until the beginning of June.) And they are very very good. Just the Sweet 100s this year since I was late in planting and there wasn't much selection left. Next year I want to be more on the ball and get something more unusual.
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  1. Some general babble on Leverage: The Jailhouse Job and The Reunion Job. )

  2. Speaking of the overwrought angsty drama, I tried out the first three episodes of Mad Men. It seems to be a world filled with sad, pathetic characters (and ones who sometimes do stupid things just to propel the plot), and I found myself asking "is this trip really necessary?" by the end of the third ep. The answer was "no" so I deleted the rest of the disks from my Netflix queue.

  3. The Thursday Next book series is still giving me no end of amusement. Cut for spoilers for The Well of Lost Plots. )
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  • I've been scribbling some Harriet/Peter stuff and some Doctor/Rose stuff in the last week or so. Maybe all this reading has put me in a writing mood? Harriet/Peter is quite fun to write since you can get all deep about just about anything, and let your inner student loose on a thesaurus. The problem (as always) is my inability to write plot. If I were to seriously write H/P fic, I'd want it to be more than a vignette.

    The D/R stuff is (also as always) fluff. Normally I would shoot it off to [ profile] goldy_dollar and make her write more, but apparently nowadays the story would quickly dissolve into BLOOD AND TEARS AND NO ONE WOULD EVER BE HAPPY AGAIN. Pffft.

  • Speaking of reading, a quick rundown of stuff I've gone through in the last few days:
    • 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. Did not care for it at all. I found every character deeply annoying and would not care a lick if any of them fell off a cliff. I don't need for every character to be some kind of bright shining star, but I do need to find them interesting. There were a few humorous moments, but I was completely turned off by everyone.

    • The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun. I've never read any of the "Cat Who..." series before and thought I'd try it. It was cute and a light read. I'll probably read more - it's a good bedtime book.

    • The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I'm not really into reading sci-fi and fantasy (although I like watching it), but this was a lot of fun. A billion literary in-jokes, wordplay, etc., and I was totally amused that this was an AU world filled with zeppelins. Also, I TOTALLY want a dodo bird. More than anything. :D I'm now in the middle of the next in the series: Lost in a Good Book.
    I've come to the conclusion that I really love reading mysteries with a female protagonist - characters like Harriet Vane or Thursday Next.

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  • Leverage: The Zanzibar Marketplace Job )

  • Apparently I hooked my family on Top Gear over Christmas. Mwah. Seems both my brother and SiL, and my parents all have disks home from Netflix at the moment.

  • I tried watching Primeval last night and had a "what the what?" reaction. It went bye-bye from my Netflix instant queue.

    ETA: [ profile] _thirty2flavors handed me some gifs to use to fully express my reaction to Primeval. Read more... )
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Leverage - The Runway Job )


Jan. 14th, 2010 06:23 am
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I meant to watch Leverage last night, but fell asleep before it even started. HMPH.
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Leverage: The Ice Man Job )
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I've finally caught up with Leverage! This show is happy making! *loves* I've not laughed out loud at a show in like...forever! And the things I laugh at aren't necessarily jokes in the traditional sense, but rather references (many geeky) or weird little things. There're really too many to mention. (Oh, and the latest episode with Wil Wheaton as a computer hacker was perfect.)

I have made icons to show my love. (The fannish equivalent of turning up with flowers and candy.)


18 icons )
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Leverage! I should have started watching Leverage ages ago! I only watched the first episode last night, but this show is exactly what I've been looking for. (Ref: My whine on Very Important Deep Shows.) This show is basically Ocean's Eleven (the new version.) If you liked that movie, you should like Leverage. Contrived? Sure. Entertaining? YES. I even laughed out loud several times - it's like sneak-attack comedy. First and foremost it's not a comedy, but there are these surprise funny moments of pretty sharp wit.

And looking it up on IMDB, there are tons of Doctor Who references in the episodes! How could I not love that? Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Tom Baker, Sarah Jane and Rose all get a mention. Plus I guess in one episode one of the guys complains about the amount of time it takes to torrent the latest episode of DW. XD

Now I just have to catch up with the episodes. The very cool thing is that it looks like Netflix is streaming new episodes after they air. As in, before they're released on DVD! Hulu is nice and all, but I much prefer to watch stuff directly on my TV. *smooches my Roku player*


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