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If you have Firefox, you can get rid of the Facebook/Twitter boxes when you comment on LJ.

First you need to have the Greasemonkey extension installed.

Then you need to install DisConnect.

Works great! Hopefully LJ will make this an optional feature, but until then at least I don't have to see the boxes anymore when I comment.
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You know what I'd love, LJ? The ability to get notices when an individual posts in a community. Right now you can get notices if a post pops up with certain tags, but that does me no good when I'm stalking a specific WIP that only gets posted in a community. No, they don't post it in their own journal, so that sort of stalking is out.

This is why I should never ever ever read WIPs. EVIL THINGS.

ETA: OH! Has anyone ever used those vacuum ziplock bags? I'm not talking about the $100 machine version, I'm talking about the kind you can get a little pump for about $10. Do they work? Are they better than regular ziplock bags? Are they worth the money?

And now for a random Doctor Who poll.

[Poll #1339259]
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Netflix Shipping: For Sat: Doctor Who: The Time Meddler
Netflix Shipping: For Sat: Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep
Netflix Shipping: For Sat: Doctor Who: Planet of Evil

Also, did someone post their InsaneJournal name today? I swore I saw something but can't find the post back. (Someone other than [ profile] javabreeze, who I did find.) If this sounds like you, could you tell me your InsaneJournal name so I can friend you?

I also have a JournalFen account, but not as many people are there. (I don't think they're allowing new signups at the moment.)
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  • My flist is all kinds of messed up right now. And not the psychological kind. (Buh bump bump.) A post I made this morning in a community is now on the first page of the flist, after posts I made this afternoon in another community... And the meme I'm going to do in the next point originated on a post I never saw, and still can't see on my flist. I'm happy you're back, LJ, but your little mind is confused.

  • Two things I want and one thing I dare not ask for before David Tennant leaves Doctor Who )
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[ profile] principia_coh has said that the article about LJ that's floating around isn't accurate, and she's always got the good info. Layoffs, yes. Everyone's gone, no.

But I suppose I should get around to backing up my journal. MEH. What a pain in the butt. It makes me wonder if it's really worth doing. The comments don't transfer over, and I've got most my fic hosted on a personal site... I guess it would be kind of sad to think that it could all go poof though.


Dec. 8th, 2008 04:38 pm
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Ever since they "updated" LJ, I've been unable to see links. Oh, I can see visited links, but not new links. Basically, everything within a text post is black, including any links, the header, lj cuts, and even someone's user name. This includes my posts as well as everything on my flist. (Even though my settings say I have link and visited link colors of grey.)

In the comments to the update post, people with a similar problem are saying to plug in your own CSS since LJ getting around to fixing it involves ice cubes and hell or something. The problem is, saying anything CSS to me is like giving me a lecture on String Theory in Greek: I'd like to understand since it obviously involves pretty, swirly string things, but it's just not happening.

Does anyone know exactly what needs to be plugged in to override the link colors? As in...I could cut and paste it without me having to shake someone with "but what are you supposed to put in the space you left with 'insert details here??' I AM DUM AND AM HAVING A CRISIS."

Alternatively, does anyone know any layout communities I could look at to maybe switch to? Maybe it's time for a change from the Boxer way of life. But I want simple. Simple simple simple. Beyond simple. And a side graphic since I hate scrolling past a top graphic. Plus a side graphic you can see all the time.

ETA: [ profile] mls03j fixed it!
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195 icons? WOOOO!!
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Okay look, LJ. 142 icon spaces are really not enough. By a long shot. You give me 10 GB of space, why can't some of that be used for icons?? So far I've only used 89 MB of my 10 GB, and this is with over 2,300 pictures in my gallery. (1,479 of which are of Doctor Who. What?)

I'd happily knock off some of my server space for the ability to have more icons. Hmph.
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Okay, LJ. That new filtered icon is really pretty useless. You know that, right? If you're not going to identify what filter a post is on, who cares? Even a mouse-over would be good, where right now the mouse-over just says "[custom friends group post]". Well, DUH.

It would be nice to see if I'd just accidentally spammed certain people with a giant Doctor/Rose screencap party. Or to know that my intentional spam was spammed in the place it should be spammed.

Heh. Spam. )

ETA: I, once again, am a dipshit. There's now a new line below your actual tags that says what filter it is.
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As of today I've been on LJ for 5 years. Seems both shorter and longer than that. I've met some fantastic people through having this journal, and some of them I've even met in person and have shared some traumatic great times with. I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

I have no post of awesome since I was out running errands/shopping most the day. But just imagine some big story here involving my primary fandom shows over the years - Stargate SG-1 and Doctor Who.

One where Daniel tries to explain to the Doctor (in very small words) that he wishes to communicate in the spirit of peace, which makes Rose think he's rather slow and so immediately tries to befriend him through hugging. Jack Harkness hits on everyone, which disturbs Jack O'Neill greatly, but earns an interested look from Teal'c who really misses his warrior-bonds-of-the-Jaffa days. Sam barricades herself in the TARDIS and proceeds to take things apart, which opens the heart of the TARDIS. Instead of becoming and egg or being able to glow, the TARDIS zaps some men in Vancouver for dinking around with UST for 10 years. And finally, the Doctor happily mocks the stargate technology with things like, "those wacky primitive ancients," until it hits him that they've been screwing around with time in very very very very bad ways. He promptly brings original!SG-1 back, replacing fish-in-the-pond!SG-1.


Dec. 7th, 2007 07:45 am
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The pre-designed LJ layouts are nice and all. You know, if you really want a picture of a squid on your journal. It should be WAY easier to put on your own graphics. Like, I'm partial to that "Smooth Sailing" layout since it's really easy to read and you can actually figure out which "comment" link goes with which post, but if you want to customize it? HA!! As it is, I'm clueless on how to create a whole layout from the ground up, nor do I have this burning desire to spend time learning.

[ profile] goldy_dollar and [ profile] manticoran, how do you feel about a cartoon elephant? Or a great big kitty face? ;)

(Also, why wouldn't LJ have anything sci-fi-ish? Huge market right there! Okay, there are a couple of retro robots... Eh.)
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MWAH. My flist is turning into a long line of "You are about to view content that may not be appropriate for minors" LJ cuts. I'm guessing it's because I don't have my age listed in my profile? (I had to click through a "yes, I'm over 18" thing where it said something about avoiding it if I listed my age - I think. I wasn't paying that much attention.)

I suppose I *could* list my age... But this way my flist will be very tidy! ;D
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OH! JUST when LJ gets me all nice and trained, they go and modify things ever so slightly.

Also, I've got Santa in the bathroom.

*wonders if I should mark this post as having "Adult Concepts"*

(And dude, don't make me have to do that with my LJ posts. I have a hard enough time trying to figure out how to rate fic.)
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  • I've been playing with the colors you can designate on your flist -you're all brown - so if I accidentally unfriended anyone, let me know, m'kay?

  • Looked at my "the Doctor's parents" meta again, and it's still boring.

  • Thought about doing a silly poll of the Doctor's underpants choice, but then my mind wandered to other incarnations... I do not wish to even *think* about what certain incarnations have got under there. Like Six. *puts a giant bag over Six and attaches a cat pin* DAMN. It didn't work. Mental image of Six in the Thong of Rassilon. Thanks, brain. *scrubs it*

    ETA: OMG. Six would totally strut around in it too. *SOBS*
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Since there've been loads of new people floating around recently, and even for people I've known for six years...
    Comment and tell me: what is the one thing I should think of when I see your (user)name? Or, what is one thing I should know about you? It can be silly or serious, a one-liner or an essay; just tell me something about yourself!
And I've had a thought about the filters I use on LJ. If ever you want off a filter, just let me know. I won't be offended. Maybe you're not into DW anymore. Maybe you don't want to hear about it until Christmas. (Wouldn't mind if you want off now, but want back on later.) So, yeah. Just poke me so your flist stops getting spammed.

Heh. I did a nose count and I'm at about 125 people in the Crazy (meta) filter and pushing up to 100 in the Squee (D/R ship) filter. My super stringent qualifications to get in them? Crazy: Say you want on it. Squee: Like D/R and say you want on it. (Sometimes I'll automatically add people to them when I friend if it's super obvious, but not always. I don't want to presume.)

Oh, and as I told [ profile] featherjean, when you see my username, please think of cornbread.

ETA: Since people are giving histories of their user names, my user name is actually a take off of Mystery Science Theater 3000. And now you know.


Sep. 10th, 2007 04:56 pm
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I demand a "smart" nudge feature on LJ. You have to wait a week to nudge someone, but some things just should NOT count. Like if [ profile] poohmusings starts talking football or figure skating. Or [ profile] nandamai starts talking about strange bands or...figure skating.

Of course, turnabout and all that, and I'm sure they'd demand a Smart Nudge for me as well, filtering out all Doctor Who-related posts. In which case, hell. I don't think I've posted since 2005.


Aug. 20th, 2007 02:01 pm
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Okay, that msscribe thing was completely NUTS. And so I'm feeling the need to have a registry of my socks, just to show that while they *have* been up to no good (and in some cases, only created to annoy people), it's the stupid kind of sock play. They really don't get used anymore either.

[ profile] jack_oneill
[ profile] ilovejojo
[ profile] sexinator
[ profile] nandashamster
[ profile] mrv2000

(You know how tempted I was to put something like [ profile] elismor at the end of that list?)

Don't *think* I've missed any... A couple of these I don't even remember the password for, and nowadays they move in and out of my flist so that I can have the number of "friends" and "friend of" be EXACTLY EVEN. It's like feng shui-ing my user info page - I must have balance below my S/J terror alert box and my dog comic. (Also, I tend to forget about them.)

I suppose I could delete some of these, but there's the nostalgia factor.


Jul. 24th, 2007 10:06 pm
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So what did *you* do during the LJ blackout? Oh, have a life, you say? *squints eyes* I don't like you.

At least I had [ profile] manticoran to flail with me over on GJ.

(Actually, I spent the evening watching more Carnivale episodes. I can't believe I'm nearly done with the show. Really, REALLY have liked watching it so far. I've seen comments about people wanting it to go on, and maybe it doesn't end resolutely, but it's really a show that *needs* to end. It's definitely telling a story that has a beginning, middle and end. Hmm. I may queue up Rome next.)


Jul. 19th, 2007 10:25 am
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Hee hee hee. Must pass along the icon post of where I got the one I'm using. Garfield fic-writing/reading icons! Doctor Who, Torchwood ("Jack/Ianto/Doctor/Hand. Hmmm... *plots*"), Lost - as well as some non-fandom icons like "Yay! Good fic!" and "Naughty fangirl fancat." *snickers*

Of course, the icon I snagged was *exactly* me from July 2006 - October 2006. Motivation, baby! Mwah.

ETA: Some fic-writing babble )


Jun. 28th, 2007 08:09 am
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I have more icon holes to fill now. La. (Eh, I got some extra $$ for housewatching for a couple of weeks so threw it at LJ.)

Looking at the new icon, can I just say spoilers for Sound of Drums )


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