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  • I have to admit I only half watched Chuck and 24 last night while playing on my laptop, so...I don't really have anything to comment on.

  • New Lost tonight! I am so ready for this show to be done, although I'm predicting a BSG-type ending where I facepalm a lot.

  • Related, I know it's next to impossible to actually plan TV shows out (too many unknowns about being renewed and so on), but wouldn't it be nice to watch a show like Lost that has a spelled-out time frame? "This show has a beginning, middle and an end, and will happen over 4 seasons. Period." (I refuse to believe BSG was like this since I'm pretty sure Ron-baby was making shit up as he went along.)

  • Oh, DW fandom. I know you loathe Rose, but making her a rapist? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're better off. Really. Really really.)

    Although I have to say I'm not really as shocked as Otter, here. I wish I were shocked that fandom (any fandom) is capable of this, but I'm not.

  • Related, I know that it's the thing to cry "I can say/type/think whatever I want!" And that's true. But freedom of speech does not mean that people aren't allowed to react negatively to it.
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I've finally caught up with a couple of shows.

24: Through 6 a.m. )

Lost: Through 'Follow the Leader' )
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Lost: Jughead )
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I'm feeling on the bored side today. Like I want to do something but not sure what. I could create yet another community - one about Who-related cooking and recipes perhaps. You know, for Dalek...burgers. What am I saying? There's probably already one out there.

I'm betting Daleks, well...probably just the Cult of Skaro, would put onions in their burgers. And then there'd be Jack Harkness' Almost as Good as Sex Cake.

Watched Lost last night. Constant )
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First, I was flipping around channels last night, and suddenly realized that Bobby Flay = Owen from Torchwood. I'll now be thinking that when Owen gets off work, he runs off to do a cooking show.

Lost: The Economist )
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Get into me FASTER, coffee!! *sucks* At least it's Friday. But I'm heading into a semi-busy weekend - seeing a play tomorrow and doing parent birthday brunch on Sunday. (Rabid fangeek moment - my mom's name is Jackie and her birthday is today. For real. And if you immediately know this reference, you too are a fangeek.)

Last night's Lost )
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WEIRD. I had an *extremely* vivid dream last night, and I swear this is exactly how it happened. I even watched (and can still picture) the scenes I was pointing out to the class of junior high kids I was apparently teaching.

"Today we're gonna watch the episode of Battlestar Galactica where we discover that Kara is part Cylon, and also where Walt makes it back after he and his father supposedly left the island."

*watches TV with class*

"Okay, you see here how Cally shoots Kara in the face, but Kara's eye instantly grows back? It was because Cally had a theory. And note Anders - he seems very happy that parts of Kara can grow back."

*continues to watch*

"Ah, here's the part where Tia Dalma brings in Walt to explain to everyone that Baltar is really Kara's grandfather."

*kid raises hand* "But didn't Kara and Baltar sleep together?"

"Yes! Excellent memory. And this is because--" *turns to write on blackboard* ""

*puts an old tape into the VCR*

"Of course, this isn't the first example of twisted family relationships. That goes back as far as stories go. But the modern renaissance in sci-fi would be Star Wars. This is an original version, by the way, before George Lucas did his upgrades. Consider yourselves lucky to even see this."

And that's when we discovered that the original version of Star Wars had Luke starting, but then everyone singing along, the PotC3 song while on the Millennium Falcon. And I knew I'd just made the media archeology find of the CENTURY.


May. 24th, 2007 07:27 am
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Lost: Through the Looking Glass I/II )
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My eyes are puffy this morning.

Lost: Greatest Hits (which surprisingly with the title, wasn't a clips show) )


May. 10th, 2007 08:28 pm
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Lost: Man Behind the Curtain )
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spoilers for Lost: 'Doc' )


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