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  • Why are 99% of pre-made Halloween costumes for women either ultra slutty or...a witch? (Although sometimes they're not mutually exclusive.) *EYES COSTUME MAKERS*

  • I finally saw Iron Man 2 and Tony/Pepper cracks me up so much. That is all.

  • I had a kangaroo paw plant on my patio that flopped and died during this last heat wave. I suppose I should plant something else, but I'm not sure what I want. I've already got a pot of celosias and I had primroses last winter. (Don't really want them again.) *ponders* I'd really like a Chinese lantern plant, but it's too late to find any. I really don't want pansies. I want something a bit different looking. (Why I attempted the kangaroo paw.)
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I meant to do this the other day after I watched Iron Man and Indiana Jones: comment on all the previews I saw for the summer movies.

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I didn't see a preview for it, but just felt the need to mention that I WILL be seeing the X-Files movie. \o/

And also in the Coming Soon department, new Futurama DVD June 24!!
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Just saw Iron Man. Ha! Fun. I don't really have anything deep to say about it - great popcorn flick and definitely worth a trip to the theater. (You know, CGI and special effects are just so good these days, I forget I'm watching special effects. It's pretty cool they've gotten to this point.)

And in other news, I might be in a semi-fic-reading mood, which translates into having read 2 whole fics this past week. That's more than I've read all year! And in this weakened state, a certain someone has dangled Dinner Party Fic in front of me, which I'm starting to suspect was a "Here's the ball! Go get the ball, Michelle! *fake throws*" tactic. BECAUSE THERE IS NO BALL.
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I just finished watching Ocean's Thirteen, and my Eddie Izzard crush continues. I really need to check out "The Riches," don't I?


Jan. 7th, 2008 11:00 pm
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I finally watched Ratatouille )


Jan. 1st, 2008 09:38 pm
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It wasn't really a resolution, but it's been on my to-do list for years. In fact, I've had the DVD from Netflix sitting around for a while now. I finally saw Metropolis. Talk about ahead of its time! The special effects they used - for the 1920s - were fantastic. Amazing production values for a silent film. Wiki's telling me that they spent the equivalent of $200 million to make it back then. I believe it.

Some of the film has been lost and so they had to pad it with text (I was having Doctor Who reconstruction flashbacks), but it was still extremely watchable.

Hmmm. Maybe I should resolve to do new things this year, whatever those new things might be.
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Just saw The Simpson's movie. No spoilers, but I did laugh out loud more than a few times. If you like the Simpsons, I'd say consider seeing it. (Cracked me up what I'm sure was the cause of the PG-13 rating. :D)

Okay, when I say I *just* saw the movie, I kinda lied since I got back over an hour ago but have been playing on the Simpsons movie website. Talk about an excellent time-waster!

Like...Simpsonizing some characters from New Who.

D'oh! )


Jul. 27th, 2007 05:15 pm
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I saw the Harry Potter movie, and have some comments that have Book 7 spoilers.

HP: Order of the Phoenix )


Jul. 27th, 2007 12:12 pm
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So I'm off work today. \o/ Have done laundry and have traveled to the *good* produce market, which is down the freeway. (I'm going to attempt a fresh corn salad that I'm making up, based on one I had for lunch the other day. Will post recipe in recipe community if it's good.)

I'd been thinking about going to the movies this afternoon, and maybe seeing Harry Potter. But then I noticed that the Simpsons movie is actually getting pretty good reviews. Have to say I'm a bit surprised. I mean, I really like the Simpsons and all, but you know how it goes when a TV show hits the big screen - it can be iffy. I wasn't even planning on seeing it, due to the presumed iffy.

So...hmm. Of course, I could see one today and one tomorrow...


Jul. 16th, 2007 03:11 pm
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Did anyone see the IMAX version of the Harry Potter movie? Is it worth it? Worth it to someone who's not *overly* into HP? I mean, can you actually tell a difference for the "3D" parts of it?

Never made it to the movie this past weekend due to parents and just being outright tired. I *can* go to an IMAX, but it's definitely out of the way. However, if the IMAX version is the bestest thing since this icon (as seen on [ profile] jcd1013's journal), I might make the trek.
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WEIRD. I had an *extremely* vivid dream last night, and I swear this is exactly how it happened. I even watched (and can still picture) the scenes I was pointing out to the class of junior high kids I was apparently teaching.

"Today we're gonna watch the episode of Battlestar Galactica where we discover that Kara is part Cylon, and also where Walt makes it back after he and his father supposedly left the island."

*watches TV with class*

"Okay, you see here how Cally shoots Kara in the face, but Kara's eye instantly grows back? It was because Cally had a theory. And note Anders - he seems very happy that parts of Kara can grow back."

*continues to watch*

"Ah, here's the part where Tia Dalma brings in Walt to explain to everyone that Baltar is really Kara's grandfather."

*kid raises hand* "But didn't Kara and Baltar sleep together?"

"Yes! Excellent memory. And this is because--" *turns to write on blackboard* ""

*puts an old tape into the VCR*

"Of course, this isn't the first example of twisted family relationships. That goes back as far as stories go. But the modern renaissance in sci-fi would be Star Wars. This is an original version, by the way, before George Lucas did his upgrades. Consider yourselves lucky to even see this."

And that's when we discovered that the original version of Star Wars had Luke starting, but then everyone singing along, the PotC3 song while on the Millennium Falcon. And I knew I'd just made the media archeology find of the CENTURY.
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Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die.

The bell has been raised from it's watery grave...
Do you hear it's sepulchral tone?
We are a call to all, pay head the squall
and turn your sail toward home!

Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never say we die!


May. 28th, 2007 03:15 pm
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I'm really glad I didn't spoil myself for this.

PotC3 )
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Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) for the first time last night.

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The supervisor is gone today and the company decided to let everyone off at 1 p.m. I've pre-recorded my voice mail and made a sign for the door. *revs engine*

I had plans this weekend, but I canceled them. I'm feeling drained and stressed and just don't want to have to deal with having house guests this weekend.

Might see Pirates this afternoon. Depends on how nuts it is at the theater. I wouldn't mind waiting a couple of days. It's funny - with this series I don't really even care that much about the plot. I just *love* this whole world they've created. The story could involve Will, Elizabeth and Jack having a giant discussion about chickens ("Bit of a scrawny pecker you've got there, mate." "Are you mocking my chicken?" "Yes. Right. Chicken." "Ugh. Boys and their constant need to compare chickens."), followed by a sword fight over said chickens, and I'd sit there gleefully eating my popcorn. There really aren't very many movies or shows that I can say that about. Usually my brain kicks in.

ETA: Seem to be developing a headache at the moment. Think I'll catch a morning show sometime this weekend as loud pirates doesn't sound too good right now.

[ profile] manticoran reminded me a few days ago that I'm supposed to be writing fic. *ahem* Yes. Fic. That. Right, still no plot structure. Hmmm, space pirates? Okay, that would be pretty lame, especially since the Doctor mentions space pirates at the beginning of the fic as a *joke.* Problem is, I'm just not really a plot writer. *pokes brain*

ETA: I guess when I say I'm not a plot writer, is that I'm not used to writing plots. It's basically an excuse because it's HARD to come up with something half-way interesting. I should just do what the show does and pilfer past episodes, right? Oh, I crack myself up.

Yo ho!

May. 21st, 2007 09:12 am
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Some pictures from the PotC3 premiere at Disneyland:
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I saw Shrek 3 yesterday )

Next weekend, PotC 3!
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Every Sunday afternoon when I was growing up, there was the Family Film Festival on KTLA at 2 p.m. And every Sunday afternoon I watched an old musical or comedy or mystery or what have you. I was just looking through Netflix's online viewing selection, which is a lot of old stuff. But there, at the end of the family section, was something I hadn't seen in YEARS.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Yes, I had to hide behind the couch for the self-playing organ with blood on it part back then! And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna grab some ice cream and watch Don Knotts freak out in a haunted house.

P.S. How could you not love a couple named Luther and Alma?

ETA: I just jumped. :D I swear I'm 7 years old again when I'm watching this. I can't stop grinning.

Spiderman 3

May. 4th, 2007 04:09 pm
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Spiderman 3 spoilers )


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