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There. Fixed it for you. CLICK AWAY.

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I declare February 18 to be International Call the Doctor on His Bullshit Day! \o/

Many times the companions are blamed for a mess that's really the Doctor's fault. He escapes blame due to being such a special snowflake, but not today!

A few pics of companions getting in the mood. )
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I was inspired by all the hand holding going on at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix, so I made a collage.

Doctor and Rose hand holding! )
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I'm amused at the sneak-attack genocide plots in DW. And very amused at the reactions by different incarnations.


Doctor: *stops them*


Nine: *sulks*
Ten: *sobs and plays Snow Patrol*
Eleven: *skips off*
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HEE!! There's a multi-fandom "Hand-Kissing Promptathon" and I just had to get in the Doctor/Rose love. So if anyone is inspired to write a bit of fic...


Jan. 11th, 2011 01:11 pm
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There were School Reunion shenanigans on some website yesterday. The usual stuff about how Rose is a horrible horrible person for 1) daring to think she had a special relationship with the Doctor, and 2) getting snitty with Sarah Jane. Of course, what people usually fail to also mention is that 1) Sarah Jane started it and Rose finished it (not that Rose is blameless or that SJ is a horrible horrible person), and 2) the whole damn thing is the Doctor's fault.

So I'll just post this.

    Sarah Jane: Oh, Rose. The Doctor's emotional douchebaggery? Trust me. I've been there.


This is exactly why there should be an ex-companion club. One that sniffs out new companions and kidnaps them for tea. :D (Liz would organize. Jo would bring healthy snacks. Mickey would bring real snacks. The Brig would be assigned to his chair in the corner for making a comment about women working. Ace would handle pyrotechnics. (As I understand is common at English teas.))
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Thinking about the success of the DW audios, I was thinking about Nine and Ten audios. (Yes, please?) How would you feel about a new companion with Nine or Ten? The audios have created new characters to go with past Doctors, so...they might do the same with Nine and Ten? Maybe?

I thought about doing a poll, but there were too many variables I could think of. But so that you're not poll deprived:

[Poll #1633376]

Personally, I'm not sure I could accept (or have any interest in) a new companion. At least in the near future. I'd always be wanting someone I already know.


Oct. 13th, 2010 09:51 am
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[ profile] shinyopals mentioned a fic plot bunny... Well, taunted is more like it since she'll never write it.


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I don't know what it is about today, but things seem generally crappy for a lot of people, combined with fannish nonsense...

Have some happy behind-the-scenes pics from S1-S4 of DW )
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So. There's the ninth Doctor. This guy:

"Hello there."

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I'm in one of those cranky moods where I don't simply ignore angst, it's more of an "I HATE YOU. SUCK AND DIE." And so a picspam of happy/fun/amusing Doctor Who moments (mainly of the non-shippy variety) from S1 - S4 since I've not watched most of S5 yet.

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  1. It's September! Does this mean I can officially crave pumpkins and pumpkin-related things?

  2. Go forth and prompt/write at the Doctor/Rose Fixathon! (3 pages of prompts already!)

  3. Nothing really huge to say about Leverage's "The King George Job," but Read more... )

  4. Holiday weekend! 3.5 days off! And my parents are coming down. I know this because I got an email from my mom saying she was bringing a turkey to grill. Okay! :D

  5. ETA: I've been looking at Kindles and clones, but am not convinced about any of them. What I'd actually like to do is to read fics in book form since I really don't like reading on a monitor. But I have seen a Kindle in action and it looks pretty good - almost like reading on paper. The problems are numerous though: the tiny Kindle looks too tiny; the big Kindle apparently is a bit weighty to hold for long periods; the big Kindle doesn't have wifi; PDF files are doable but can't reduce/enlarge text like book files... Why haven't magic books been made yet?
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In DW's S5 was there any drink offering? (No, haven't managed to watch most of it yet.) But it's VERY VERY IMPORTANT.
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Just Skyped my nephew to watch him open his presents. I got him a long play tube that flat packs and spoings out. It scared the heck out of him. AWWWWWW. XD XD

And for Opal (the prairie dog): some Doctor/Rose cuteness. )
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I had a LOL CHICKEN FOOT moment today, and so I capped a few pics. Disclaimer: I really do love Ten II. Really. (And also my personal canon is an altverse TARDIS.)

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Looks like I've committed to watching New Who again. [ profile] dwrewatch is starting back up. ([ profile] goldy_dollar needed some squee.) This way I'll actually get around to watching the rest of S5! Eventually. Hopefully before S6 starts. :D

Things kick off with "Rose" on Saturday!

Disclaimer: [ profile] shinyopals has already threatened to suck the life force out of anyone using the term 'Mary Sue' for any character. Frances and I are not responsible for any life-sucking that may occur if this happens.
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If they ever do an altverse special, please sign up Camille.

Jackie is the perfect mother in law for the Doctor. )
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  • I've been scribbling some Harriet/Peter stuff and some Doctor/Rose stuff in the last week or so. Maybe all this reading has put me in a writing mood? Harriet/Peter is quite fun to write since you can get all deep about just about anything, and let your inner student loose on a thesaurus. The problem (as always) is my inability to write plot. If I were to seriously write H/P fic, I'd want it to be more than a vignette.

    The D/R stuff is (also as always) fluff. Normally I would shoot it off to [ profile] goldy_dollar and make her write more, but apparently nowadays the story would quickly dissolve into BLOOD AND TEARS AND NO ONE WOULD EVER BE HAPPY AGAIN. Pffft.

  • Speaking of reading, a quick rundown of stuff I've gone through in the last few days:
    • 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. Did not care for it at all. I found every character deeply annoying and would not care a lick if any of them fell off a cliff. I don't need for every character to be some kind of bright shining star, but I do need to find them interesting. There were a few humorous moments, but I was completely turned off by everyone.

    • The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun. I've never read any of the "Cat Who..." series before and thought I'd try it. It was cute and a light read. I'll probably read more - it's a good bedtime book.

    • The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I'm not really into reading sci-fi and fantasy (although I like watching it), but this was a lot of fun. A billion literary in-jokes, wordplay, etc., and I was totally amused that this was an AU world filled with zeppelins. Also, I TOTALLY want a dodo bird. More than anything. :D I'm now in the middle of the next in the series: Lost in a Good Book.
    I've come to the conclusion that I really love reading mysteries with a female protagonist - characters like Harriet Vane or Thursday Next.

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Nine and Donna: awesome?

Doctor: Donna, you have to come back right now. It's the fate of the universe.

Donna: Yeah, you tried that before, grumpy gills. No more ringing me up until after I've had a proper spa day.


Mar. 30th, 2010 02:29 pm
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[ profile] the_altverse is off and running! It's a "virtual series" involving Ten II and Rose and will be having weekly episode-type fics by a bunch of different authors. If that's something that interests you, check it out!

Episode 1x01: Death at the Museum


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