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Pic of the day.

Only thing that would have put the icing on the cake with this shot was if he had a gun pointed at it. Mwah.

Okay, I understand the need for caution at times, but these were signs. With D batteries. That had apparently been up for 3 weeks. (At least according to this AP article.) And now they've arrested the people who put them there? But remember, we're all living in this "post 9/11 [OMGWTFWEREALLGONNADIE] world."

ETA: Have been reading more articles because I'm now finding this fascinating. Apparently some are saying "not all publicity is good publicity" and that this will end up hurting the show. Uh...I rather have the feeling that ATHF's target audience (males 18-24) are for the most part laughing their asses off at this.

ETA2: Okay, Wil Wheaton and I are on the total same wavelength. Here and here.


Jan. 26th, 2006 08:19 am
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Looks like Steve Jobs is already laying the smack down on Disney. I think he may finally be the one to get the Mouse House in order.

L.A. Times Story

Pixar sequels to be made (and decided) by Pixar - imagine that!
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You know those moments you have where you finally realize something blindingly obvious? So obvious that you should have known it long ago? And all you can say is, "Wait...what?" Today I finally realized that this man:

is in fact this man:

See, I remember Steve Jobs from...*mutterdatingmemutter*...the before time. In the long long ago. When dinosaur computers roamed the Earth. I was also vaguely aware that he went back to Apple not so long ago.

But I also knew of this man called Steve Jobs who founded Pixar. A man who looked like the guy in the second picture. And *never* did my mind say, "Huh. It's the same guy." Because apparently I have brain damage. And then they mentioned it on the radio this morning.

It was as if Ewan McGregor himself came trotting down the freeway astride a polar bear.

Oh yeah. Disney just bought Pixar.
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And with that, I wish you all a happy weekend!
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I have to step away from Yahoo News. I really do. Every time I see a disturbing story, I want to post about it -- from a 6-year-old getting shot in a Wal-Mart to a train crash in Rome.

Is it Thursday yet?
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Awwww! Don't be stealing penguins! Poor little scared penguin. :(


Dec. 16th, 2005 03:44 pm
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I'm not one who follows/is interested in actors, but if you watch The West Wing, this is pretty shocking and sad. :(

John Spencer Dies at 58
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Beware the talking worm on AIM! Heard this on NPR this morning:,1895,1897381,00.asp

Apparently the worm can pretend to be someone on your buddy list and talk back to you, trying to get you to click the link.

I feel somewhat secure in that the people I sometimes chat with would never use "LOL." And if they would, they would get smacked upside the head. Hmmm. Maybe we need a safety codeword/phrase anyway. Like..."The sasquatches are running." Or "Take the time to shave your butt." Or "Fear Karen's tongue." Although the worm might naturally know that.
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1) Vanilla (and Lemon) Coke/Diet Coke and Lemon is going bye bye. Vanilla - it was okay. I was wild about it at first, but got sick of it. Lemon/Lime Coke should be fired from a cannon into the sun. Now. I love putting a wedge of *fresh* lemon or lime in my Diet Coke, but the bottled stuff tasted like what I would imagine rat poison would.

2) Bolinas gets a visit from the Prince. I now have a desire to visit, which is probably the last thing they want. *snicker*

3) You gotta be *really* hard up for the 2-inch porn. Really, really. I mean, you may not even know it's on. ;)


Oct. 19th, 2005 11:05 am
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Good God. Our society is getting more and more like the See, Hear, Speak No Evil monkeys.

News Story

You know, if you freak out by simply *seeing* someone else's worldview on a frickin' coffee cup, be it someone talking about evolution, buddhism, christianity, homosexuality or helixophily, that's one pretty small world you got going there.


Oct. 4th, 2005 12:14 pm
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Oh Lord. Bush is going to make whole states disappear, isn't he? Dammit, I just know the blue states will go first!

After the bungled initial federal response to Katrina, Bush suggested putting the Pentagon in charge of search-and-rescue efforts in times of a major terrorist attack or similarly catastrophic natural disaster.


Because all our problems will be solved with the military? How about fixing FEMA?

Bush made clear that the potential for an outbreak of avian flu is much on his mind, and has had him talking with "as many (world) leaders as I could find," consulting a book he read over the summer on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic that killed 40 million and meeting with staff and experts.

OMG. We're all going into lockdown because of a beach book! And no one's returning his calls - Blair's probably hiding under his desk and snickering!
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*hugs UK friends*


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