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Story from my brother:

My brother and sil were watching TV while their one-year-(and about 9 months)-old was playing behind the couch. All of a sudden they heard:

"Crap. Happens."

Ah, the wisdom of the young.
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If you had Thanksgiving, I hope you had a good one! I had a great time with family and especially my nephew. Here's a very short video of him saying his latest favorite word:

And here's another one of him answering a very important question. (You'll have to turn up the volume to hear the exchange at the end.)
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Time for a nephew pic. Nomming a bear. )

ETA: Awww. Just found out the little nipper has a peanut allergy. That sucks for them.
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Just Skyped my nephew to watch him open his presents. I got him a long play tube that flat packs and spoings out. It scared the heck out of him. AWWWWWW. XD XD

And for Opal (the prairie dog): some Doctor/Rose cuteness. )
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I can't believe my nephew's a year old already!

Read more... )
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I have to share a picture of my nephew. My SiL titled this one "longing." :D

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  • My nephew as a bear. )

  • I'm feeling the need to be productive fannish-wise, but I'm not feeling any sort of inspiration for anything. *PONDERS*

  • The Halloween Charlie Brown is on this Wednesday! \o/

  • *wonders when Canadian Halloween is*

  • My parents are coming for the weekend, which means they'll be here for Halloween. HEH. I don't think we've been together for Halloween since I was in high school. Not that there are any big plans. Maybe handing out candy? Or ditching the kids and going out to dinner? I don't know.

  • A little D/R... )

Noah pic.

Sep. 14th, 2009 11:34 am
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Hobbit? Or Jedi?
(Probably a Jedi since it looks like he's thinking deep thinky thoughts.)
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Ugh. Headache from hell. *pokes my brain*

Time for a nephew pic. This one wearing a Pooh hat I got him.

Cut for large pic. )
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1) I dare you not to grin at these guinea pigs.

2) I will stop posting pics of my nephew soon. )
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Baby pics. )


Jul. 16th, 2009 07:10 pm
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I'm an aunt! I have a nephew! Little Noah Charles is going to be getting so many presents...

*runs off to buy*


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