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It just hailed again for about 20 minutes. Now everything is *completely* covered in white. I really wish I had a camera because I've never seen anything like this around here before.

(Still trying to process BSG.)


Jan. 19th, 2006 09:18 am
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... What?

So they "need" all search records of Google over a one-week period in order to determine how often child pornography turns up in online searches? Here's a thought - 1) go to Google, 2) start typing things, 3) write down the number of times child porn pops up. And hello! Not everyone who uses Google lives in the U.S. nor is every site Google links U.S.-based.

OMG, is it 2008 yet? Seriously.

Um, wow.

Dec. 19th, 2005 07:34 am
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Should I say something? Or let people wallow in their own crapulance?

In a continuing effort to hate all things Michael Shanks/Daniel, this quote was posted on The List and attributed to Michael Shanks in reference to Season 9:

"It's almost like remembering how to act again, because there is that
general air of spontanity. [sic] Anything can happen at any time. It's such a
breath of fresh air. It's just [so] reinvigorating".

Well, *naturally* that means that MS is an ungrateful, no-talent actor who should be kissing RDA's ass instead of so obviously backstabbing this saint of a man. Because there was backstabbing going on in that quote. Yes there was, dammit!

UNFORTUNATELY, this was never said by Michael Shanks. This quote was by Chris Judge. And he was making it in reference to new acting dynamics as opposed to his comfortable routine. If you don't believe me, here:

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Just when you think it couldn't get worse, it does. At first, there were no words. None. But then I thought of a few:
  1. Having kids does not make you "grown up." Neither is a mark of becoming "grown up" having kids.

  2. Kids should NEVER be insurance so you won't be alone when your spouse kicks off. If you're having kids for that reason, that's a whole lot of messed up right there.

  3. *Saying* you're not being condescending doesn't magically erase your condescension. It really, really doesn't.
This right here? This is me being condescending, because goddamn.


Oct. 2nd, 2005 05:38 pm
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There has been a "Jate" sighting (by [ profile] ashism) in the Lost fandom. You know, Jack/Kate. I realize this cannot be stopped. The inanity now has a stranglehold on this fandom sub-set. Go with God.

However, there will be *no* let's-see-how-annoying-we-can-be nickname for the Charlie/Claire pairing. Or I will have a hissyfit. Said hissyfit will probably involve me thinking about making a post but deleting out of boredom to instead clean my nails -- don't make me almost post!

No "Chlaire." No "Clarlie." No "ChCl." No "LittlePace." No "PregoDruggie" which would naturally evolve into "PreDru." NO. *SWATS NOSE*

"OMGPUPPIES." will be an acknowledged reaction to the pairing because it's for the most part involuntary and we're all weak now and then.

No. Just no.


Apr. 3rd, 2005 02:36 pm
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[ profile] josephides is very very sad. You see, every month huge amounts of bandwidth are being siphoned from her site to places unknown on Unfortunately, her site stats don't tell her exactly where and if you've ever been to xanga, it's quite annoying and user unfriendly.

And another little discovery, apparently there are many blogs over there known as icon collection blogs, where massive amounts of icons/graphics/wallpapers are stolen and hotlinked from *everywhere*. Unreal.

Has anyone ever worked with an .htaccess file before? I tried making one but it bombed - I really don't know what I'm doing and used guides I found on google. All she really wants to do is ban anything and everything xanga since there are a lot of sites that should have access to her stuff.


*gets on knees and begs*

Otherwise she's looking at not only moving all graphics files (over 1,000) but changing all her legitimate links as well - which without the .htaccess file would only be a temporary fix until the bastards hotlink her once again.
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*curls into a ball under desk*


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