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The company network was down for a little while today, and so there was some news reading.

Cut for political ramblings. )
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I spent last night watching election coverage and flipped around a lot, because I'm interested in what everyone's saying. Politics for me is usually a bit more clinical than emotional.

To sum up my night... )
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Okay, this is addicting. Primary election figures plus Twitter chatter which shows you the location of the people making the comments. A bit interesting to me are comments from outside the U.S. Just in general.

I think my favorite was someone from way up in Saskatchewan with "Caucus sounds dirty." :D

Right, I had been thinking about catching up with DW tonight, but I'm pretty much going to be watching news. Maybe I need to go get popcorn.

ETA: HA! Wil Wheaton just commented! NEED. POPCORN.
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Why did Edwards and Obama pull out of the Michigan race? They mentioned on the radio this morning something about the state not being able to change the Primary date, but I'm not sure what that's got to do with people getting to vote for who they want to get the party nomination.
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Caucus vs. Primary. Help me out.

From what I was able to find, the difference seems to be that with a Caucus you'll probably get milk and cookies before you vote. Or something. California's always been a Primary state (from what I can remember) and there've been no milk and cookies.

(However, my voting place is at a Fire Station this year, WHICH INTERESTS ME GREATLY. To, um, see the spotted dog. Yes. The spotted dog. Absentee ballot? Pffft. Yeah, right.)

Also, didn't California have an open Primary the last time around? I've got Nonpartisan status (Eeek! I'm a wildcard! You don't know what I might do!) and I don't remember having to ask for a party ballot last time. Kinda funny, but the only options available to me this go-round are the American Independent Party and the Democratic Party. So I guess I can't go McCain-wild or anything.

HA! An honest-to-God candidate for the American Independent Party is "Mad Max Riekse." Wonder if Mad Max would give me milk and cookies if I voted for him. Or her...


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