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  • Why are 99% of pre-made Halloween costumes for women either ultra slutty or...a witch? (Although sometimes they're not mutually exclusive.) *EYES COSTUME MAKERS*

  • I finally saw Iron Man 2 and Tony/Pepper cracks me up so much. That is all.

  • I had a kangaroo paw plant on my patio that flopped and died during this last heat wave. I suppose I should plant something else, but I'm not sure what I want. I've already got a pot of celosias and I had primroses last winter. (Don't really want them again.) *ponders* I'd really like a Chinese lantern plant, but it's too late to find any. I really don't want pansies. I want something a bit different looking. (Why I attempted the kangaroo paw.)
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  • Still on my mystery kick, I felt like saying (probably again) that Mrs. Oliver makes Poirot 100x awesomer. XD The more Zoe Wanamaker can join the cast, the better. Mrs. Oliver is the perfect snarky, slightly scattered, foil for Poirot.

  • Out of viewing material mystery-wise, I watched a Jeremy Brett episode of Sherlock Holmes. It only confirmed my notion that Sherlock Holmes is okay, but I really am not interested in that character much at all. The whole mythology just doesn't appeal to me. (It's a bit like Superman in that way - doesn't matter much who plays the roles or writes it - I just can't get excited about that story.)

  • DW-related, all I can say about that DT Rex clip is it's probably a very good thing the show got trashed. D: (Oh, the comments on youtube. No. Just no.)
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I finally broke down and ordered myself a FasTrak transponder. I figured that some days a couple of bucks will be worth saving my sanity.

Semi-related: I still don't quite understand London's system. (One I only know about from watching Top Gear.) You have to call when you're in the car or something? But what if you don't have a phone? Will they hunt you down through the omnipresent CCTVs?

And not-at-all-related-but-thought-of-because-I-thought-about-London: If I ever saw the Queen, would I have to curtsy even though I'm not a subject? IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN IN A STARBUCKS. YOU NEVER KNOW.
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I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution this weekend. Talk about eye-opening. I never went to a school with a lunch program, so I never realized how much processed junk is served. That's what the government deems to be nutritious, and also what comes in under budget. For as suspicious we are of our government at getting too involved in things and telling us what to do, for some reason in this area we've completely let bureaucrats take over. And we're all pretty okay with it. And it's not just with school lunches, but all processed foods. There's this idea that if the FDA doesn't have a problem with it and it's in our grocery store, then it's fine to eat. We even get defensive about it. Why do we do that? Why do we feel the (sometimes) very strong need to protect sub-standard food?

I think it really got to the root of the problem with obesity in America. (Well, it's even more than an "obesity" issue - it's a general health issue.) There's this sort of ambivalence to food and nutrition a lot of times. (And sometimes even a belligerent attitude of "it's my right to eat crap.")

Somewhere along the way we've fallen down on eating right, with time, money and convenience outweighing health. I'm not pointing fingers - I've been guilty of it myself. Who doesn't love a good burger? And popping something in the microwave is easy. And I don't think it's bad to have that from time to time. It's just when an entire diet revolves around it, it's problematic. If I hadn't already stopped eating frozen dinners a year or so ago, this show would make me stop. I kind of wish everyone in the U.S. had to watch it.
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  • My parents were down for lunch yesterday and we happened to start talking about books. It's funny - I was recommending The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (the series or the books, even though the books are still on my to-read list), and my dad brought up The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs. Same author!

  • I've given up on the photo a week thing. I've been having health issues lately, and my energy level is low. Although I'm probably still going to carry my camera around with me and I'll post anything that I think is neat. Just won't be trying to fill space every week.

  • I slept in until 9 this morning! I haven't done that in ages! *YAWNS*

  • I had the best clam chowder ever at a German Biergarten yesterday. I'm not sure it was exactly German in origin, but it was more like oyster stew than the thick New England variety. And it was SO GOOD.

  • This is just about the one show I'm happy keeps getting life breathed into it:
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I love my dad. Every year he wants to color Easter eggs. You know, for himself. He's in his 60s. :D In the process of making plans to get together that weekend, one of his emails ended with "can we color eggs?"

And in other news, I picked up the latest miniseries "Emma" the other day since I wanted something long to watch while on the treadmill. Confession: I've never actually read Emma, but I have seen how many ever adaptations of it. One thing I really like about this new series is that it seems to go into more depth than I'm used to, and I'm assuming it's much closer to the book. Very nice insight into the reasoning behind things and so on.

But one thing that's cracking me up is that everyone is so bitchy in this! XD It seems like everyone is in this perpetual state of crabbiness, and that goes for Emma and Mr. Knightly as well. I'm not quite half way into it, so maybe people eventually chill out. (And maybe this is how the book really is.) Also, I'm not overly wild about Jonny Lee Miller's Mr. Knightly, but maybe he'll grow on me.


Dec. 16th, 2009 05:42 pm
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Tonight I quickly hit the button on my radio when a song came on the air - one that's been driving me NUTS lately because they play it all the time. To me it's the whiniest, most pathetic emoing emo ever. IT BURNS. Tonight I decided to look it up, since I had no clue what it was. *drumroll* It's "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift.

(Yes, this was pretty much just an excuse to post from MY SHINY.)

(And since it seems like it's been too long since I've posted any D/R, have a pic! That's right! I'm using HTML on My Shiny! (Still need a name.))



Dec. 10th, 2009 02:11 pm
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  1. I've been going through Wire in the Blood lately. I'm now convinced that the UK is completely full of serial killers. :D I mean, I'm enjoying it and all, but every other day - psychotic serial killers! IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK, NEVER WALK ALONE. OR...ANSWER THE DOOR. OR DRIVE. OR STAND IN AN OPEN SPACE. SRSLY. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Handy that they pop up one at a time, though. (Side note - so far I like Alex okay, but she's no Carol. However, I don't miss Carol as much as I thought I was going to.)

  2. Two weeks until Christmas! O_O I'm glad I already have my shopping done, because it always seems to come up fast for some reason.

  3. I've got my eye on a laptop. Now begins the process of thinking about it for a while. Then going over the specs. Then thinking about it. Then looking at it again. Then really thinking about it...

  4. I was planning on getting my hair cut, but I've been so dizzy today. Hasn't happened like this in a while. BLEH. But funny thing - I kept veering sideways on my treadmill last night. XD

    ETA: Of course part of that could have come from the swervey camera motions of LotR I was watching.

    Sam: *falls down the stairs*


Oct. 23rd, 2009 03:46 pm
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  • Last night's 30 Rock was FUNNY. :D (Of course, you can't go wrong with Will Arnett.)

  • How strange is it that I'm pondering making a pie posted by a parrot? But I have a crust problem. I hate that Pillsbury rollout crust (blech) and I don't have a food processor. Making it by hand doesn't sound very appealing.

  • IS IT THE WEEKEND YET? No, it is not. And it's making me grumpy.

  • I pondered going to the Wild Animal Park this weekend, but...I'm not feeling that motivated. It'll be busy because of the Halloween stuff, and... Meh.

  • I think I might make a shell wreath for my office. I have a bare wall and...and BECAUSE.
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I kinda sorta love LED candles. BUT OMG, MUST HAVE!!!

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[Poll #1453820]
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I'm pretty sure I've overdosed on... I'm not sure what one word I could use. Cynicism? Sarcasm? Angst? I'm completely tired of "news" that isn't news but rather snarky, sarcastic commentators of whatever will be the most entertaining thing to be snarky and sarcastic about. I'm tired of entertainment that equates "deep and important" with "dark." I might be tired of entertainment that's "deep and important" in general. (However, get near me with something like an empty-headed romantic comedy, and I will BITE YOU.)

I guess just about everything on TV right now is turning me off.

OH! And I also refuse to watch/read/listen to anything with vampires in it. I don't care how good it is. I'm sick of vampires.

(I've just been a perky little flower lately, haven't I?)
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I've been watching the Marple series with Geraldine McEwan (and have been enjoying it), but it's funny just how much you can play British actor bingo in every episode. Therefore, realizing there are only a total of 50 actors across the pond, I have decided to move to the UK where I will be promptly given acting gigs for the rest of my life. (I hereby submit my high school play acting experience.)

I plan on fully enjoying the milk trucks, for they are adorable.
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  • It was bizarre flipping through channels last night and running across Gwen from Torchwood on NBC. Turns out they were airing Merlin. On network TV! 1) Aren't they supposed to redo the show with an all-American cast before they show it to Americans? 2) Next thing CBS will start airing Torchwood, won't they? (Maybe the networks have finally figured out that people over here actually like UK shows in a way that means you don't remake them.)

  • I was in a bookstore the other day and noticed they had Doctor Who Magazine. I flipped through to see how many times Rose was pictured/mentioned (I found 3), but other than that I didn't care much about the bus in the desert. BUT! There's a Torchwood Magazine?? I had a laugh at that. I didn't know such a thing existed!

  • Hope all the fathers out there had a happy Father's Day. I got mine steak and whiskey. He seemed pleased.


Apr. 12th, 2007 05:01 pm
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I am totally 5. At first I'm all "new toy!!" and then I get really, really bored. That was how it was with ljtoys. You think something like that would be interesting, but it's really not. I set it up last week on my user info page because I have zero resistance against trying new things.

Day 1: A few random meaningless numbers. Me: 26 hits.
Day 2: A few random meaningless numbers. Me: 32 hits.
Day 3: A LOT of random meaningless numbers (Sunday's meltdown. HA!). Me: 52 hits.

And so on. Why am I so obsessed with my own user page? I've gotten into the habit of clicking from there to 1) post an entry, 2) get into my gallery, 3) stalk people. (I don't keep bookmarks at work and so habit has me even doing stuff like this at home.)

Anyway, it's boring and the dot.gif is gone now. However, filter info has appeared. Because I am exactly that nerdy.
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The blowgun!!

*falls over*

ETA: Warning, some images could be disturbing, but just look at the title of the side, for crying out loud.
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I just figured out where my Mom's favorite thing to quote, "I deny your reality and instead substitute my own," came from. Mythbusters. HA! Family of nerds. :D

*waits for VS3 announcements to roll around* Oh that's right. I participated in a VS7 for SG-1. Seems like a *million* years ago now.


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