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  • What on earth possessed someone to write the 3rd mini-series in the Anne of Green Gables series? It's not based on any books, and while I could see potential, the whole thing boiled down to a hot mess. And let's not even talk about some of the dialog. Oy. Just...WHY? It's not like they were out of material from the books.

  • I have much of DW's S5 coming on Netflix now, so I can pick up with episode 3 and [ profile] dwrewatch. I still can't quite get excited about it though. It's not as if I'm loathing the thought of it, more that I just can't get in the mood. I wandered off after ep 2 last year, but I'll give it another shot.

  • The new Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane book is finally coming out in the US tomorrow! *luffs Harriet and Peter* I've ordered it from Amazon, so I probably won't have it until next week though.

  • I tried out two book series recently, both of which I'm ditching after the first books. The first is the Aunt Dimity series. It was okay. I wasn't all that into the supernatural angle though. Meh. The second was the Hannah Swensen mysteries (the cookie/dessert mysteries), which I didn't like at all. I found most the characters really off-putting. And a love triangle was introduced that was already mildly annoying in the first book, but after a bit of snooping I learned the love triangle is still going on 14 books later.

    UGH. Even if I liked the characters, I'll run screaming from any perpetual UST. It's why I haven't been able to pick up Chuck again. I know they've resolved the relationship stuff, but they annoyed me way too much getting there.
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I've been reading several book series in the cozy mystery genre lately, and they've all wound up with twins for the main character. It's not that I care if the author waves a baby wand over the character (murders must be solved no matter what's going on in your life -- especially in the English countryside where bodies are tripped over daily), it's that they're all TWINS.

At least 3 of the recent ones I've been reading have gone down the twin hole. The first one I laughed at. The second was a "heh." Now I'm starting to get irked. Are all the cozy mysteries I pick up doomed to twins? What is it with this genre and twins?? Or is this a carryover from the romance genre -- is it littered with twins too? (I don't really read romance novels.) I know twins populate much of fanfic, but I guess I didn't realize it was a published works thing too. Twins happen about 3% of the time in real life but seem to happen about 80% in fiction. XD

I guess I don't see twins as "these people must REALLY love each other to have twins!" but "OMG, twins would be twice as many diapers! And twice as much crying! And twice as much lack of sleep!" Unless the point is to torture the characters a bit with all that. HEH.

(Apologies to anyone if they are a twin or have twins.)
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I'm still trying to get over the flu. Fortunately the fever part of it is past and now I just sound like a frog.

I've been re-reading the Thursday Next series and my favorite bits of it still are the dodos. :D Even Alan (Pickwick the dodo's unholy terror offspring) and Hamlet (as in the Hamlet).

A couple of quotes from Something Rotten )
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I was amused when reading We'll Always Have Parrots to find fannish shenanigans. I was smirking when actors were explaining to a police detective what slash was. Also when a couple of the actors were amusing themselves with an oral reading of badfic, while the screenwriter and another actor were having "eeeeek!" moments.

It would not surprise me AT ALL if the author started life in fandom. :D


Oct. 17th, 2010 08:09 am
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I'm reading a book where the author's opted to write out accents. I don't mind slang and the occasional apostrophe, but I hate it when I have to re-read a sentence of dialog several times just to decipher it. Also it seems a bit insulting to the reader - as if we can't possibly imagine different accents on our own without help. Anyway, it's completely distracting and never fails to take me out of the story.

In other news, I was planning on going to a fair today, but it's raining. I might still go for a while, but rain makes me want to be lazy. (And go back to the book to slog through accents. :D)

Book Help

Sep. 20th, 2010 12:16 pm
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I'm reading the Daisy Dalrymple series right now (by Carola Dunn), but I'm having to skip around since I can't get my hands on all the books, and I'm not motivated enough to buy. It really hasn't been a problem so far, but seems like Something Happened in a book I skipped that I'm curious about.

If you've read Styx and Stones, could you clue me in? )
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Would anyone have any book recs for mystery/detective series? More...polite Miss Marple-type mysteries rather than anything that uses the words "gritty," "real," "dark" or anything similar to describe it.

I love period mysteries (especially the 1930s) since there's just something so polite about murder back then. XD Of course, I did enjoy the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, as well as the Thursday Next series. (Those are far from "gritty" so it's probably no wonder.)

Bonus points if it's a female sleuth. Oh, Poirot is all right, I guess, but give me a Precious Ramotswe, a Harriet Vane or a Thursday Next any day. (I've decided that my old-spiration is Miss Marple. I'll take up knitting and solve crimes and drink tea. I might have to move to the English countryside though, since there seems to be a murder at an estate at least once a week, and I'm sure they'll all need solving.)

So does anyone know of anything I could try?

(P.S. You know what could be fairly awesome? A geared-for-adults series of Nancy Drew. One where she dumps Ned and hooks up with Frank Hardy, obviously.)


Jun. 25th, 2010 05:50 pm
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Is it strange to fangirl a fictional dodo? I really have to quote this from First Among Sequels in the Thursday Next series. *is amused* (Maybe I need a cat or something.)

Plock. )
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  1. Some general babble on Leverage: The Jailhouse Job and The Reunion Job. )

  2. Speaking of the overwrought angsty drama, I tried out the first three episodes of Mad Men. It seems to be a world filled with sad, pathetic characters (and ones who sometimes do stupid things just to propel the plot), and I found myself asking "is this trip really necessary?" by the end of the third ep. The answer was "no" so I deleted the rest of the disks from my Netflix queue.

  3. The Thursday Next book series is still giving me no end of amusement. Cut for spoilers for The Well of Lost Plots. )
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  • I've been scribbling some Harriet/Peter stuff and some Doctor/Rose stuff in the last week or so. Maybe all this reading has put me in a writing mood? Harriet/Peter is quite fun to write since you can get all deep about just about anything, and let your inner student loose on a thesaurus. The problem (as always) is my inability to write plot. If I were to seriously write H/P fic, I'd want it to be more than a vignette.

    The D/R stuff is (also as always) fluff. Normally I would shoot it off to [ profile] goldy_dollar and make her write more, but apparently nowadays the story would quickly dissolve into BLOOD AND TEARS AND NO ONE WOULD EVER BE HAPPY AGAIN. Pffft.

  • Speaking of reading, a quick rundown of stuff I've gone through in the last few days:
    • 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. Did not care for it at all. I found every character deeply annoying and would not care a lick if any of them fell off a cliff. I don't need for every character to be some kind of bright shining star, but I do need to find them interesting. There were a few humorous moments, but I was completely turned off by everyone.

    • The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun. I've never read any of the "Cat Who..." series before and thought I'd try it. It was cute and a light read. I'll probably read more - it's a good bedtime book.

    • The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I'm not really into reading sci-fi and fantasy (although I like watching it), but this was a lot of fun. A billion literary in-jokes, wordplay, etc., and I was totally amused that this was an AU world filled with zeppelins. Also, I TOTALLY want a dodo bird. More than anything. :D I'm now in the middle of the next in the series: Lost in a Good Book.
    I've come to the conclusion that I really love reading mysteries with a female protagonist - characters like Harriet Vane or Thursday Next.


Fic recs?

Jul. 7th, 2007 01:09 pm
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I just have not been able to kick my brain into high gear today. I now have diet Coke, but that's about all I've accomplished. *thinks about having some cherries and starting Carnivale*

Not sure I'm *quite* ready to read fic, but...rec stuff to me for Doctor Who. And go ahead and rec fic that doesn't exactly fit what I'm looking for, since other people who run around here might be interested. I don't mind. Fic pimping is fun!

What I'll eventually be interested in )

Book recs?

Jun. 28th, 2006 10:30 am
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Just have to quickly yap about two DW books, The Resurrection Casket (Ten) and The Deviant Strain (Nine), both written by the same author.

Read more... )

Anyone have any book recs for some summer reading? I don't really like typical romance novels but other than that I'm game. Mysteries are good. (Oooh. Tommy & Tuppence Agatha Christies! Read those in high school. Wish there were more of them.) Not really in the mood for non-fiction right now though.


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