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My car blew up!!

Okay, maybe not in the sense of "I've never seen a supernova blow up, but if it's anything like my old Chevy Nova, it'll light up the night sky!" But there was a bang! And then the car was loud! And...smelly. I'm *guessing* this means I probably shouldn't drive it.

I hate cars.
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Anyone ever see a website out there that shows current and future releases of *kids* movies only? I tried looking through IMDB, but a lot of times you can't exactly tell what's a kid's movie. The niece and nephew always get way too many toys for their birthdays (seriously) and already overdose on books from the library (stacks in their house - I had no idea you could get that many at once) so being the cool Auntie that does things with them, I want to take them to the movies. And then McDonald's which is like a kiddie crack house. I'm totally dragging them to see Shrek 3 (because *I* want to see it but am oddly not secure enough in my adulthood to see it by myself), but that doesn't come out until May and their birthdays are, well, tomorrow and February.

I suppose I could take them to Chuck E. Cheeses or Boomers instead, although those are a *tad* bit old for them, especially for the niece.
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So I woke up this morning to a loud noise and I could not figure out what it was for the life of me. Sort of sounded like a vacuum cleaner going. But I thought maybe it was just my inconsiderate upstairs neighbors who every great once in a while like to blast easy-listening at 5 a.m. So I stayed in bed a while. Finally, looked at the clock and decided to get up since it was already 6:30. Opened the bedroom door and, to paraphrase that horror movie, THE NOISE IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE.


And it was coming from the computer room. The noise was *way* too loud to be the fan going out on my computer, plus it wasn't on. Took me a second to realize that my paper shredder was going full force. o_O 1) Haven't used that thing in months. 2) There's no way it could have switched on by itself. It's not the kind that has an auto-shutoff when paper isn't in the slot - you have to actually switch it on and off when you want to use it.

Since I don't believe I have just acquired paper-shredding ghosts from the 1972 Watergate team, I must have been sleepwalking last night. Oy. Well, I have been super stressed at work in the last couple of days - probably the most stressed I've been all year. And it's always seemed to happen when I've been stressed. Which is why I was banned from watching Scooby Doo as a kid. (Poor mom had a couple of nerd children - my brother got banned from listening to the 1812 Overture.)

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Well, Sesa's off to Las Vegas in her shiny red convertible. Right side! Right! Last night was a blast - we ended up watching Doctor Who and drinking way too much. The "Victory should be naked!" is a line from the show - we both turned to each other and said "that totally needs to be an icon!" *snicker*

This morning I dragged her down to La Jolla for breakfast and to see the seals. They're always so fun to watch. Plus we got a view of dolphins and lots of nutty swimmers in the cove while we had our breakfast on the patio of an old beach house.

So happy she decided to drive out of her way to see me!

ETA: Of course, I'm not sure what I'm going to need to give her for that picture she has of me looking really haggard.
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You could say I'm moved. Sorta.

So I was supposed to move last Saturday. Unfortunately my body decided that was the time to get sick by giving me a fever on Thursday that didn't break until Sunday. And now I've got the lingering effects of bronchitis which is so fun because supposed "cough suppressant" doesn't work. Anyway, despite my feeling like death, friends and family came over and moved 90% of my stuff (and me) to the new place this past weekend. I have my boxes to keep me company as I cough up a lung.

So did anyone watch SG-1 last Friday? That's nice. Now, did anyone watch the bumpers for the commercials?

It may have been the fever, but I swear to God there was a SciFi bumper of a guy blowing into a dog's ass...wait, maybe you didn't hear me - a guy blowing with full on lips into a *dog's ass* which made the dog turn into a balloon animal. It was the NyQuil, right?

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It's a miracle! They delivered the right color!

*becomes slightly less stressed*

Wait a minute. [ profile] chronicality unfriended me! That tube-sock bitch!



Mar. 12th, 2005 03:56 pm
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So I found a couch I really like that was this dark browny-suede color. I like. I buy. Saleslady rings me up.
    Me: Oh wait. The receipt says Sage Green.

    SL: Yes, that's the color of the couch.

    Me: *blink* But the couch is brown.

    SL: Well, that's the color of the couch.

    Me: You're sure, you know, because of its browness?

    SL: *checks tags* Yep, the floor model is "Sage Green."

    Me: Brooooown!

    SL: I guess it *is* a really dark Sage Green.
They're going to show up at my door with a green couch, aren't they? I'm taking a friend with me back to the store this week to determine if I'm losing my mind. Or have gone color blind.

ETA: According to an online (and therefore highly accurate) test, I am not color blind. Woo!
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I'm in the market for new bedroom furniture. My only problem is that many beds these days have headboards and footboards as part of a set, and I am sure that a footboard would kill me.

"How did Michelle die?"

"Did a flip over her footboard. Sad really."


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