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Free day! I'm out of diet coke, so there'll probably be a run to the store soon. Otherwise, I have no great desire to go shopping for anything.

So I'm pondering either watching some classic Who or catching up with Robin Hood. Although, I gotta say, spoilers for the S2 finale of Robin Hood and spoilers for S4 of Doctor Who )

Hmm. I can't even talk about another show without getting back to Doctor Who. I probably should just line up a couple of classic ones then. :D

Or maybe I'll just play some games...
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Even though I haven't watched the last few episodes yet, I peeked at spoilers.

finale of Robin Hood's S2 )
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  • It's raining! But surprisingly enough I don't feel manic. (As seems to be the norm for Southern Californians who often waver back and forth between "EEE! A PUDDLE ON THE GROUND!" and "OMFFG, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!" For as laid-back as we collectively are, rain might as well be a meteor shower that's pretty, but also has the potential to put a hole through your roof.)

  • I got behind on Robin Hood (watching and posting), and hope to catch up this weekend. Especially since the bestest thing to ever happen on this show, happened in "Show Me the Money." Yes, even better to me than RA's chest.

  • A comment on Project Runway 4x03 )

  • It's Friday, and thank God.
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Even though I'm still beating myself up for sabotaging my own squee, I still cannot get over the adorableness! I had to icon!

Feel free to add text to the textless ones.

9 icons (+1 text version) from the DW segment and 1 icon (+ text version) of the RH segment )
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It's Project Runway day! 10 p.m. (Why do I have the feeling I'll forget?) 10 p.m. 10 p.m.

*shifts gears*

Anyone know what year it's supposed to be in Robin Hood? I came to a realization this morning about why I just can't quite get behind Robin: it's the blind following/loyalty to King Richard who, as history tells us, just wasn't that great. He was always on a Crusade and probably would have sold off the country if he could just to fund the war. And then this morning I was looking him up on Wiki, and read some other nasty things I don't remember ever learning about in school.

But maybe this is one of those things where I just can't quite get my mind into that monarch loyalty mindset? You serve your King/Queen without question? (Back then, that is.) Or maybe Robin really does believe that Richard is in the moral right? Or that the monarch is ordained by God?

To me Robin's been sipping at the Kool-Aid. I've not once seen him stop to actually think about things, and he and his group are always 100% convinced that everything will be just ducky for England if only King Richard would return.

Heh. Look at me wanting The West Wing in a kiddie show.
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Robin Hood 2x01 )
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Robin Hood - through S1 )
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I watched a couple of episodes of Robin Hood last night and had a breakthrough with this show while watching Robin & Co and the Sheriff call a temporary truce to take care of the fake FBI agents dancers.

Wait for it...

Robin Hood is Medieval Dukes of Hazzard! IT IS.

All it's missing is the freeze-frame cutaway of the Merry Men trying to jump a wagon over a pond with a Waylon Jennings voice over of "Them boys are trapped like foxes in a hen house with a sack fulla eggs. Sure hope them English Pond Gators ain't hungry."

Dukes. Of. Hazzard.

(And I'm kind of addicted to it. Feel free to mock me.)
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And what I've learned in today's episode...

Robin Hood 1x08 Tattoo? What tattoo? )
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I have a Pumpkin Spice Latte! And you know what that means - it's almost Eggnog Latte season!!!

I continue to be amused by Robin Hood, and I *think* I have all the disks to watch the rest of the season at home now. A while back [ profile] aristaea was joking about the Sheriff sending in an army to wallpaper Sherwood Forest. At the time I chuckled, but...IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME NOW. He's like...Wile E. Coyote to Robin's Road Runner! I just *know* we're gonna see a big-ass catapult with ACME on the side sooner or later and the Sheriff will start dancing around it before loading up Robin's family cow, to which Robin will mheep-mheep and do a few somersaults before disappearing with a little dust cloud left behind. And Sir Guy will wonder why the HELL he's not the romantic lead.

Pssst. It's almost a 3-day weekend! \o/
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  • Robin Hood 1x05 Turk Flu )

  • I have now seen Ten (the Doctor) in llama form. It totally is. ETA: The picture is now unlocked and apparently it's an alpaca - Ten!alpaca isn't as fun to say.

  • I still owe people drabbles, and I need to actually *focus* on fic writing as I've started a Nine/Rose fic, and now have a plot to work out on my Ten/Rose fic. Sometimes I'm as bad with writing as I am with reading.
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Robin Hood is like BBQ potato chips. You don't necessarily like them, but you can't stop eating them.

spoilers for 1x04 Parent Hood )
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  • Why I *love* [ profile] splash_the_cat: She will not only watch without fail whatever crap genius movie SciFi decides to produce, she will Tivo it with joy in her heart. If the movie has some sort of reptile in the title, all the better. Double points if it has a Stargate actor in it. You know, if there were ever a movie staring Bruce Campbell and Michael Shanks called Coralsnake 2: Revenge of Son of Coralsnake, I'm thinking we'd never hear from her again as she'd immediately start a monastic cult around said movie. *SMOOCHES JULIE*

  • Was a hermit today. Extreme hermiting going on. And I owe a couple of people some drabbles. :D

  • I fear I've been tainted by Rome. A thought in watching the first ep of Robin Hood: "Hmm. You know what would make this better? Sex!" A few other thoughts on the first episode of Robin Hood. )


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