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Yoinked from [ profile] sg1padawan.

Stargate Meme )
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I should have predicted it last Friday. Something that "had to be done because it'll get sent out this weekend OMG!" is still sitting there. I scrambled like mad to finish it up on Friday night, and it's still sitting exactly where I left it. I'm so drained at everything always being an "emergency," when I know it's really not. *WHINES*

And since I've been looking at SGA stuff more in the last day than I have in many months combined, I've got an SGA question:

Ronan's high, isn't he? Like, all the time.

SG stuff

Feb. 5th, 2008 02:27 pm
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Since half my flist seems to be aflail today, I found myself on GateWorld. And had to look to see when the movies were coming out.

SGA S5 casting spoilers and spoilers for the SG-1 movies. )
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  1. Why couldn't I sleep last night? I only got a couple hours of sleep and I'm completely wiped right now.

  2. spoilers for the recent SGA episode )

  3. S2 Torchwood airing today: So is Jack done being emo? (And have they found the Doctor's shoe that was stoled by blood-suckin' aliens yet?)
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I decided to watch SGA for some unknown reason, never mind the fact that I haven't watched SGA since about 1x02... Oh right, I think the reason involved boredom and drinking.

SGA 4x01 and 4x02 )
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HA!! As seen on [ profile] splash_the_cat's journal:

Swirlygate Atlantis

The *real* SGA. (Complete with Doctor Who watching. And mocking. Mwah!!)
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  1. Is LJ being twitchy? Or is it just me?

  2. Is there going to be a S4 of Project Runway? If so, when? Their website is completely unhelpful. I thought it aired during the summer last year.

  3. WHAT is up with [spoiler]'s hair in the promo shots for SGA's S4? Read more... )
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Somehow [ profile] poohmusings and I got on the topic of SG-Atlantis, and since neither of us really watch that show, it was like the dumb leading the dumber. We gather that Atlantis isn't a military operation (which is mind-blowing, but moving on...) How did Weir get the leader-type gig? Hadn't she been in charge of the SGC for about a week? Which had basically been a political maneuver? Now calm down, sparky. I'm not saying that Weir isn't a nice person and all, just how'd she wind up with the post? Did they ever give an excuse reason beyond the fact she hung around the SGC for a brief period?

[Poll #587605]
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SG-1 9x06 )

SGA 2(or is it 3?)x06 )

BSG 2x06 )

Headache. Need water and asprin.


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