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I was inspired by all the hand holding going on at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix, so I made a collage.

Doctor and Rose hand holding! )
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  1. It's September! Does this mean I can officially crave pumpkins and pumpkin-related things?

  2. Go forth and prompt/write at the Doctor/Rose Fixathon! (3 pages of prompts already!)

  3. Nothing really huge to say about Leverage's "The King George Job," but Read more... )

  4. Holiday weekend! 3.5 days off! And my parents are coming down. I know this because I got an email from my mom saying she was bringing a turkey to grill. Okay! :D

  5. ETA: I've been looking at Kindles and clones, but am not convinced about any of them. What I'd actually like to do is to read fics in book form since I really don't like reading on a monitor. But I have seen a Kindle in action and it looks pretty good - almost like reading on paper. The problems are numerous though: the tiny Kindle looks too tiny; the big Kindle apparently is a bit weighty to hold for long periods; the big Kindle doesn't have wifi; PDF files are doable but can't reduce/enlarge text like book files... Why haven't magic books been made yet?


Nov. 6th, 2009 12:51 pm
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[ profile] goldy_dollar is cold today. (In Canada? Weird.) And so Ten and Rose get warm in picspam form.

Warm. )
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Do you need a daily fix of Doctor/Rose goodness? If you're like me, then the answer is YES. (Some days a HELL YES.) Come join us for a screencap or quote about the Doctor and Rose, delivered daily to your friends list!

[ profile] doctor_rose_fix
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Doctor/Rose filters have been arranged.

If you can see this post, you're on the general, pre-JE D/R filter.

If you can see this post, you're on the post-JE D/R filter.

If you want on or off either of these, just let me know. (I'll screen comments again.) Also, you can come and go from them as you like. This isn't a one-time-only deal. Just let me know - it's very easy to move people in and out of them.
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I'm creating yet another filter! Is it a drinking game yet?

Anyway, this is a Doctor/Rose ship filter related to Journey's End )

I've thought about it, and I think to make it easy I'm going to make it an opt-out situation. I'll transfer everyone over from my general D/R "squee" filter to the new D/R post-JE filter. If you're on the D/R filter, you'll automatically be moved to the new one. No need to say anything. However, if you don't want to be on that filter, please comment. If the new filter would make you uncomfortable, please comment. I won't judge - the reason I'm doing this is so that people don't have to stress about related posts.

Screening comments. (If you want off of any of my filters, just say so. Again, no judging or unfriending. I really don't want to spam people when they don't want to be spammed.)
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Well, I'm late due to sleeping and all. Pesky sleeping.

The BBC confirms something for S4 which I doubt is much of a secret anymore. )
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I am in a WEIRD mood today. Weird. And so I'm spamming everyone - not just my D/R filter - with the Doctor/Rose today. Well, more silliness than anything else. Never fear, my non-DW friends. This journal will shortly return to normal. Probably.

A few pics from World War III )
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Title: The Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything
Authors: [ profile] goldy_dollar and [ profile] mrv3000
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rated: G
Warnings: Baby!fic

A/N: The only way to exorcise baby!fic is to write it. And to drag others down with you. Thanks to [ profile] beck_liz for the beta!

Read more... )
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This morning I realized that not everyone who's Doctor/Rose-inclined is on my "squee" filter. (Why not?) And so... *pimps*

[ profile] the_spdn
(New D/R newsletter.)
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I've been thinking about this for a while, especially with S3 starting up. I need a place to hide out. A squeeful place to hide out. I could randomly squee on [ profile] doctor_plus_one, but with me there's always the, "dear God, whodaily watches this!"

I still plan on doing metas and so on the Crazy Filter since I like having different viewpoints to challenge me. But sometimes I just want to squee (or cry, I suppose) with like minds. Like I said, I wanna hide out. So you're gonna have to be D/R-inclined to be on this one, I'm afraid.

Comment if you want on.

*thinks about first post while stocking the tiki bar*

ETA: I've now got a squee post up and am adding people as they comment. If you cannot see the squee post, then...guess what? You ain't on. Poke me.

ETA2: Oh, and if you're not digging seeing Rose references in S3, you might want to think twice about hopping on this filter since I'm sure there will be squee in that department.


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