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WEIRD. I had an *extremely* vivid dream last night, and I swear this is exactly how it happened. I even watched (and can still picture) the scenes I was pointing out to the class of junior high kids I was apparently teaching.

"Today we're gonna watch the episode of Battlestar Galactica where we discover that Kara is part Cylon, and also where Walt makes it back after he and his father supposedly left the island."

*watches TV with class*

"Okay, you see here how Cally shoots Kara in the face, but Kara's eye instantly grows back? It was because Cally had a theory. And note Anders - he seems very happy that parts of Kara can grow back."

*continues to watch*

"Ah, here's the part where Tia Dalma brings in Walt to explain to everyone that Baltar is really Kara's grandfather."

*kid raises hand* "But didn't Kara and Baltar sleep together?"

"Yes! Excellent memory. And this is because--" *turns to write on blackboard* ""

*puts an old tape into the VCR*

"Of course, this isn't the first example of twisted family relationships. That goes back as far as stories go. But the modern renaissance in sci-fi would be Star Wars. This is an original version, by the way, before George Lucas did his upgrades. Consider yourselves lucky to even see this."

And that's when we discovered that the original version of Star Wars had Luke starting, but then everyone singing along, the PotC3 song while on the Millennium Falcon. And I knew I'd just made the media archeology find of the CENTURY.
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I originally saw this on [ profile] meg_pat2000's journal, but I was watching it again tonight. Damn, that's funny!

It's been around since January, but if you haven't seen this Episode III parody yet, go. Go NOW. Seriously.
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*hugs Darth Vader*
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I'm curious now, and I'm sure someone on my flist will know, is there anything out there that's pretty much considered to be canon that takes place after Return of the Jedi? (Yes, currently have one of those obsessions I know will only last a few day - a week at the most.) Like an authorized book series or something?

I feel like I'm really missing some Leia resolution from RotJ. She gets hit with all this info and they never really dwell on her. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of discovery of what really happened on the parts of both Luke and Leia. And what did Han think of it all? Okay, maybe I would even do really, really, *really* good fanfic that takes place right after RotJ. Or just tell me what happens.


*dies of geek* (Which might give me an excuse for not writing.)

ETA: Heh. Mood icon. "I bent my Wookie."

ETA2: I'm feeling the need for a Procol Harum cd. Don't ask me why.
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Star Wars keeps going through my mind. )

Anyhoo, heading out to breakfast and then shopping. Hope those that have today off have fun!
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I saw Star Wars Ep III last night and while I thought it could have used some editing down, it was still worth seeing. (And the pacing! I miss the pacing movies in general had a couple of decades ago - where it was okay to show a scene with not a lot going on, which set the tone, instead of 24/7 sfx and 'splosions.) And now I keep musing about the original three movies. (I popped in the DVDs last night after I got home, but by the time Luke started whining, I was out.)

One small spoiler and one general comment. )

ETA - few more thoughts now that I watched the original 3 all day )

In other news, I bought the 1st season of Scrubs the other day. *slobbers on show* I think right now the only two comedies on TV I actually like are Scrubs and Arrested Development.
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No, I haven't seen III yet. I'm seeing it this coming weekend with friends. The problem is that one of my friends is *not* sci-fi minded and wouldn't be able to pick out Chewbacca in a lineup of humans. So I've been thinking of things to give her so that she'll be able to follow the sixth third movie.

Episodes I and II in sixty seconds. )
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Time travel. That's the only explanation. Someone squished a fish a million years ago and now we're stuck with Yanni music at the end of Return of the Jedi. See? That's what you get for defying the laws of physics.

So whoever did this giant pooch screw, would you kindly go back in time and stop yourself from going back in time? You know, the first time. I'm sure you'll figure it out. And for the love of God, stop squishing fish! Otherwise we're liable to end up with entire Star Wars movies about really annoying characters battling their way through senate zoning laws.
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I'm about to clue you in to an infamous tv special. If you aren't familiar with it, after you read about it you may never want to speak to me again.

The Star Wars Holiday Special aired in 1978, and is by far one of the most frightening things ever inflicted upon the human race.

Singing Bea Arthur

Singing Carrie Fisher

Harvey Korman nuzzling Bea Arthur

Mark Hamill in heavy makeup

Bea Arthur

Wookie hugging

The link has screen shots and a whole gallery near the bottom. Enjoy!


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