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Had a DW relapse over Doomsday.

'cause no one wants to see this shit anymore )
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Just how cool is Dean Gray's Doctor Who on Holiday song? You can download - #2 on the list. I'm sure I've posted about this before, but still love how the theme song is worked in there.


In other news I'm ficcing. Big damn fic. Lines and scenes already plotted in my head (probably a good 60%, but enough to know where I'm going) but three pages of two partial scenes actually written down last night. Yeah, one of those fix-it fics that I'm sure have been written 5,000 times already, but whatever. Mine has slugs so ner. (And it may get a bit cracktastic, but at least the characters get sorta snarky about the cracktasticness. Hey, if Jack O'Neill can encounter a farting duck, this should be...well, we'll see.)

Hey old schoolers - Ace question. I'm not writing Ace, but am making the odd reference. If I said Ace loved to blow things up, would that be fair? Or not really accurate? I'm basically going off of fic I've read.

Oh right. Hate you, Doctor Who! *shakes fist* You suck! *mutters*

Day 5

Jul. 13th, 2006 07:26 am
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Today's theme: IT WASN'T MY FAULT, DAMMIT. They made me what I am today. Evil, evil they! Just look at these pics and tell me how I could be anywhere else.

Pics from Fear Her and Doomsday )


Jul. 12th, 2006 11:33 am
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So say I want to have a T-shirt with something specific on it and can Photoshop my own graphic since it's just text. What's a good place to do something like that? CafePress? Although, it's not that I'm really interesting in selling it. I just want it as a jammie.

Might be DW-related. Shhhhhh.

ETA: Also, if I do use CafePress, anyone know what the legalities are of show quotes? No pics, just quotes. :-\
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Nope. Nope nope.

DW Doomsday )

But in other news I've had a Ten character breakthrough that I'll probably type up later.
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I now have one DW icon again. ONE. Shut up.

(I believe the two words you're looking for are "fucking nutjob.")

ETA: Stay tuned for next year when I will probably dump it again. And then add it back. And dump it...

ETA2: Okay, two icons. TWO. That's it.
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Okay, to help me cope, [ profile] elismor has given me a scenario which I have now adopted because it helps with the denial.

DW universe post-S2 )

ETA5: It might be bad that I'm now more interested in this than in S3. :-\

and more... )

ETA12: Okay, I'm back to not watching this show anymore. Welcome to Michelle's mind of circular neuroses!
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All right then. So it probably wasn't fair to make this post about DW's Doomsday and not let people counter it if they want. (Just really wasn't up for any kind of debate at the time.)

If you feel inclined, go for it in this post here.

and one more thing and one question about DW Doomsday )
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[ profile] splash_the_cat's Freud doll told me I need to write out some stuff. If you loved or even liked DW's Doomsday, you probably shouldn't read this. In fact, I know you shouldn't. My intent isn't to piss anyone off and after all, my having an opinion in no way invalidates your own opinion (although, why is it that some people think that? should be part of Fandom/Internet 101.) But I am turning off the comments because I have *absolutely* no energy to argue/talk/comment. None.

On the ending of Doomsday )


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