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HUH. So that's what RTD et al. have been up to over here.

Torchwood in the U.S.

It says if Fox wants the pilot, JB "might" star. Heh. Come on. It's JB. Of course he'll star. He can't help himself. :D Anyway, I guess this is the S4 that RTD's been working on?

The article also mentions that Jane Tranter might try to reboot Doctor Who in the U.S. *facepalm* Hasn't this already been tried? This and this were the results. I could maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe MAYBE see something working if it involved TenII and Rose, but not a whole new Doctor. (And given DT and BP's schedules, it's not bloody likely for a TenII and Rose thing since it'd be a full-time gig.)

So to sum up: Torchwood U.S.? I could see it working. (Although it'd be on Fox, which means it won't work even if it works.) Doctor Who U.S.? HA. No.
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I was looking for new DW pics and ran across this.

Freeking. Adorable. )
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Whenever I ponder renting/buying Torchwood CoE, I can't stop myself from reading reviews. (Like on Amazon or Netflix.)

Questioning comments I've seen more than once on these customer reviews. )
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Has anyone not seen Torchwood CoE yet? I'm always so bad at figuring out Generally Accepted Fandom when it comes to how long after something airs that you have to put it behind a cut.

Minor babble about it, and about TW S4. )


Jul. 27th, 2009 10:57 am
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I stand corrected. [ profile] shinyopals has now proved that Rose has caused bad things in this world. (Spoilers for TW S3.)
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I have to bitch about a fandomsecret thing, which I'm not keeping secret.

Spoilers for TW S3 and for DW's upcoming Christmas specials. )
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If in commenting on an RTD interview about Torchwood (and only about Torchwood) you bring up Rose and her Mary-Sue-ing ways, you are irrefutably more obsessed with Rose than I am. And I'm a Doctor/Rose shipper.

Seriously. Completely, utterly obsessed. Ten years from now you'll still be whinging about Rose, won't you?
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I've been doing Saturday morning cleaning, but have had some Torchwood thoughts running through my head. And Doctor Who thoughts. And RTD thoughts.

Spoilers for TW Day Five, and for DW S4, and an old casting spoiler for the upcoming DW specials. )

All right. I've avoided cleaning long enough.


Jul. 9th, 2009 02:20 pm
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Flist is flooded with Torchwood spoiler cuts! (Thanks, everyone!)

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[ profile] grav_ity brought up the fact that Torchwood's latest is playing sort of like a movie for TV. And I agree. The production value for this mini-series has been stepped up a notch from past episodes.

If you've never watched Torchwood, I think you'd have no problem starting with the multi-part "Children of Earth" that started last night. There's not a whole lot of backstory that isn't explained or that you couldn't catch on to in this first part. Torchwood is an organization that deals with aliens. And is the worst kept secret in Cardiff. (Heh.) Jack, Ianto and Gwen are all humans, but Jack can't ever die due to something that happened on Doctor Who years ago. You don't really need to know how this all happened, just that it's something unique about Jack.

I'm not trying to win converts to Torchwood. It's just that I know how summer TV is, and if you want something good to watch that's in the X-Files vein, you might want to give this mini-series a try.
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Forget the audios for now...

Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day One )
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I see from my flist that Torchwood starts tonight? Dang, I need to step up my audio listening! I thought I had more time for some reason. Maybe I'll drive around at lunch to do some more listening.
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  1. I might be getting my dad's cast-off Roku player (goes with your Netflix account so you can watch stuff directly on your TV without getting DVDs in the mail), but that means I need to set up wireless. I'm not quite sure how to do that, and how to make it secure, so if someone's got a very very simple guide, that'd be wonderful! (e.g., "You buy this, this and this, then you plug this into that, that into that, run this in XP and then you're done.") I'd like to get a laptop down the road, so I'd need wireless eventually. But I don't want the neighbors pilfering it.

  2. It's been a whole year since DW's Journey's End aired. It really doesn't seem like that long! This needs a couple of pics. )

  3. I've listened to the first Torchwood audio (I liked it), but haven't listened to the other two yet. I like listening to that stuff driving to and from work, so I've been saving the other two. I'll probably write something up after I've heard all three.

  4. I've been tired all day. I took a nap this afternoon, and I swear I could go nap again. I think I might need to zone out on the TV for a while.
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TORCHWOOD! It's almost here! But apparently there are going to be three audio plays aired Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? "Asylum", "Golden Age" and "The Dead Line". Hot dog! I liked "Lost Souls," even though I know it wasn't liked by all.

It's funny - extracurricular Torchwood I'm interested in. Doctor Who extracurriculars, not so much. Unless Rose is in it. I've stuck with Doctor Who long enough now (and have watched plenty of non-Rose stuff) that I feel justified in my fussiness about extra stuff. Books, audio and so on? Needs Rose, otherwise meh.
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Extended trailer!

(Looks like you might have to go to your regional site to view.)


BBC America
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