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I'd like to award Julie the Parent of the Year Award for dressing her baby as Sharktopus for Halloween. *DIES*
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[ profile] josephides reminded me of this AIM chat today, one that took place after she'd linked this article almost three years ago now:

June 2005:
    Michelle: What's a dalek?
    Jojo: You do not mean that.
    Michelle: No clue.
    Jojo: omg.
And then in July 2005, I decided to give this little Brit show a try...

(Also, if you've never heard about the kidnapped Dalek (story linked above,) go and be amused.)
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Let's see. Did a corner spider check last night to suck up any spiders. (Yeah, yeah, don't tell me. They continue to live inside the vacuum. I hope they're happy in there.)

I debated whether or not to warn [ profile] poohmusings that babyfic has been committed, since she's at a conference and won't be able to look at LJ until she gets to my place. And then there would be the awkwardness... Maybe it would be better to tell her now. Although...

Conference speaker: Blah blah blah.

*Karen's phone beeps*

TXT from Michelle: I WROTE BABYFIC!

Karen: *blinks* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!


OOOOOH. I am totally doing that. *whips out phone*

ETA: Message has been sent.
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2 days to [ profile] poohmusings! \o/

And there will be SGA mocking watching! football!!!! *RUNS IN CIRCLES* Thank you! THANK YOU! *ahem* I mean, Karen? I'm sorry you forgot your Friday Night Lights DVDs. Really. Truly. Damn.
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Since you're often not online on the weekends, happy pre-birthday to [ profile] elismor! May you get that pump-action shotgun you so desperately want and need.
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  • Why I *love* [ profile] splash_the_cat: She will not only watch without fail whatever crap genius movie SciFi decides to produce, she will Tivo it with joy in her heart. If the movie has some sort of reptile in the title, all the better. Double points if it has a Stargate actor in it. You know, if there were ever a movie staring Bruce Campbell and Michael Shanks called Coralsnake 2: Revenge of Son of Coralsnake, I'm thinking we'd never hear from her again as she'd immediately start a monastic cult around said movie. *SMOOCHES JULIE*

  • Was a hermit today. Extreme hermiting going on. And I owe a couple of people some drabbles. :D

  • I fear I've been tainted by Rome. A thought in watching the first ep of Robin Hood: "Hmm. You know what would make this better? Sex!" A few other thoughts on the first episode of Robin Hood. )


    May. 23rd, 2007 11:08 am
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    For the record, [ profile] elismor is quite scary. And has fearful icons.
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    This is what you miss when you don't get your mail for a couple of weeks: an Irish wienerdog and a Dalek sniffing each other!!!

    *smoooches [ profile] elismor*
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    Okay, okay. One more thing for [ profile] elismor...

    BSG: Crossroads II )
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    Sekrit message to [ profile] elismor.

    Read more... )
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    So [ profile] elismor *strongly* objects to my getting a Costco hot dog for lunch when I go there to get office supplies. I think it's something about the fact that they only charge you $1.25 for a hot dog *and* a soda and something that cheap can't be right. Now *I* think they're tasty. If I'm in a hot dog mood, that is.

    [Poll #922708]
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    If spam is love, then a bacon zat is the deep, dark waters of commitment.


    Jan. 3rd, 2007 10:18 am
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    Sekrit message to [ profile] elismor.

    spoilers for end of Torchwood )
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    I *knew* there was a reason I called in sick today. Other than actually having the sniffles. Got to watch [ profile] elismor being interviewed on national Fox News because she's, you know, [ profile] elismor. However, with this interview, all I asked for was a secret code shout-out! That's it! Sure, saying "David Tennant" would have been hard to work into the interview naturally, but come on! (Okay, that wasn't really the code word.)

    *smooches Elis for another fab interview*

    ETA: The Fox News chick though? Total moron.
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    • Well, Karen is gone now. *sniff* My round Eeyore remains. As well as the streamers on my bedroom door and banner in the living room. *smoooch* Gotta tell you, walking into streamers when you first get up in the morning is a bit...flaily.

    • It's over 90 here right now. Again. November, remember? Even Pooh "Fear the Grey Cloud" Musings bitched about the hot weather down here. I feel validated.

    • Why has no one mentioned that a sequel to The Librarian is coming out??!! Come December 3, I'll be sitting there with a sippy straw in a jug of tequila! *crosses fingers for another glimpse of Bob Newhart's chest* Oooooh. There may need to be screen caps. And icons. Semper fi, baby!

    • Karen and I went for breakfast in La Jolla at my favoritest restaurant. Afterwards, we walked over to look at the seals. Not that there's anything particularly amusing about these pics. They're just seals. Read more... )


    Nov. 18th, 2006 06:44 pm
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    A very few pictures from Disneyland yesterday. Might post some decoration pics later, but for now, *important* pics.

    Read more... )
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    Trip report - already had blonde moment even though neither of us are blondes. At the airport on our cell phones:

    M: Where *are* you??

    K: I'm by the Southwest counter.

    M: No, *I'm* by the Southwest counter and I don't see you.

    K: Do you see the Starbucks?

    M: The Starbucks is behind me.

    K: *Behind* you?? That's not possible.

    M: Are you sure you're in San Diego?

    K: I *think* I'm in San Diego...

    Turned out there was a second security check point in that terminal I didn't know about. So it's my blonde moment.

    Also, Karen gave me a mug! Awwww! :) But not just any mug. A mug with this pic on it! HEEEEEEE!
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    Karen? Dia? I'm afraid there might be singing at Disneyland. Of course, you've long ago realized that I've never even attempted "cool."
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    That's it. After reading about pepper blindings, falling off driveways, and the latest, gluing Kleenex to her hands, I am now rolling out the "Get Julie bubble wrapped in 2007" campaign. (Figure it'll take more than a month to actually get something accomplished, so better start now.)

    Feel free to snag this icon or make icons of your own. Every little bit helps! Remember, together we can get [ profile] splash_the_cat bubble wrapped.


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