May. 20th, 2008 07:41 am
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I'm taking vacation starting on Thursday, and I think the supervisor has forgotten about it. I'm NOT going to remind her since she gets 20 ways to weird before we take vacation time - gets really passive aggressive, whines even more than normal, freaks out about stuff that isn't due for months, and huffs around as if your taking a couple of days off will ruin the company.

So I'm keeping my mouth shut until tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. when it'll be "see you next Tuesday!" Mwah.

Also, I'm now determined to try a Sidecar. (Some people are now reading Agatha Christie again, I...focused on the drinks.)

One part brandy
One part Cointreau/Grand Marnier/triple sec
One part lemon juice

I've tried many drinks in my life, but I've never had brandy before.


May. 1st, 2008 11:39 am
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T-minus 3 hours until computer system shutdown.

Supervisor constantly whining, while micromanaging. Check.

Ready to throttle supervisor. Check.

Coworker ready to throttle supervisor. Check.

Construct joint plan to throttle supervisor while packing boxes (both the planning and the throttling - box packing production won't be affected since she has yet to touch a box.) Check.

Check. Check. CHECK.


Apr. 29th, 2008 01:05 pm
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So we're supposed to be having new carpet and paint done in the office this weekend. We've known about this forever and have leisurely been getting ready for it. But all of a sudden things happen and OMG we might have to pack up by tomorrow already! We've been madly scurrying around now. This involves me removing everything from my desk since I'm getting a new desk out of the deal as well.

I've overheated the shredder twice already. MWAH. (No, don't worry. I'm not trying to destroy evidence or anything. I work with some confidential financial data that can't simply be tossed when I'm done with it.)

Back to it.
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AHH! AHHHHHH! The Supervisor is driving me BONKERS today. She even managed to micromanage me mailing something. Oh, and when I put a spreadsheet in her inbox just now, I found that this from Feb 20 is still sitting there. Today's spreadsheet was done after having no idea why she kept throwing floorplans at me (while I was eating lunch) until she finally said "oh, you need to fix how it is in the system right now." Even though I do have super powers, mind-reading isn't one of them.


1. Think of 10 favorite TV programs.
2. List quotes for each one.
3. Line out the quote when people guess which show they're from. Extra points for identifying the character.
4. Do NOT cheat by searching for the answers.

Read more... )
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I feel like striking a pose, cape fluttering right now. Have averted work-related disaster by handling something personally. This icon doesn't really relate, but the picture is my mood at the moment.

I deserve a latte!
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I should have predicted it last Friday. Something that "had to be done because it'll get sent out this weekend OMG!" is still sitting there. I scrambled like mad to finish it up on Friday night, and it's still sitting exactly where I left it. I'm so drained at everything always being an "emergency," when I know it's really not. *WHINES*

And since I've been looking at SGA stuff more in the last day than I have in many months combined, I've got an SGA question:

Ronan's high, isn't he? Like, all the time.
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work ranting )
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I'm going to nail my supervisor's door shut! I SWEAR! And then I'll be on the news, and they'll take me away to a very white room.

Please shut up? Please?

In other news, I'm still extremely undecided in the political world. I was listening to NPR this morning in the car. It's funny - when they discuss Clinton, I start thinking about leaning in her direction, but when I actually hear her talk, she tends to turn me off a bit. It's the opposite when it comes to Obama: when they discuss him I tend to get more put off, but when I hear him talk, I start leaning towards him.

So far (and I'm only starting to really pay attention) it seems to me that a big difference between the two boils down to practical versus dreamer. And you know, I don't think that "dreamer" is such a bad thing right now. As long as it's not all a dream.

P.S. Turning off comments as I'm headachey, and political discussions tend to scare me.
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So I had to drive to a conference with a coworker today. We've worked together for something like 3 or 4 years now? Suddenly out of the blue and with NO prompting by me...
    Her: So, you ever watch Torchwood?

    Me: ... *wonders if there's some other Torchwood out there*

    Her: It's this sci-fi show. I really love it.

    Me: ... *still wonders if there's some other Torchwood out there* You know, I tried an episode of it, but couldn't get into it. But I do like Doctor Who.

    Her: Oh yeah, I like that one too.

    Me: ...!!

    Her: But not as much as Torchwood.

    Me: *thinks that no one's perfect*
So we talked a little bit about Torchwood and the fact that JB is very hot. I informed her of the DW S4 spoiler which she was pleased about.

WEIRD!! I seriously NEVER would have pegged her as a sci-fi fan.
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Okay, if you just sent me an email, you really don't need to walk out of your office to inform me that you sent said email and stand there and tell me its contents. Really really.

Also, am now a *serial* babyfic writer. Um... Where did I go wrong?

ETA: You know, Google Docs is rather amusing. Its downsides are no spellcheck (why is this? email has it.) and it likes to do that annoying html line break thing, so if you cut and paste in or out of it, it does strange things. I hate that html page formatting. The one they try to foist on you with your email by giving you smilies and colors to go with it. It's to get you to accept the page breaks without question in some sort of plot...

ANYWAY! What's amusing about Google Docs is that you can see everyone who's looking at your document right at that second, i.e., your betas for your fic. Well, it's amusing to me. For some reason.

I'm gonna go now.
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Picture thanks to the supervisor who decided at 5:15 that an entire project needed to be done for tomorrow, which took until 7:30 to complete.
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You know, work would go so much quicker if I didn't have to repeat every phone conversation I have after I have it, and then get detailed instructions on how to fax someone information that I already had in my hands.

And she wonders why she never has time in her day.
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Why are people so rude? Does it make them feel more important or something? When all it really does is show everyone they're a jackass. You know, we all share a planet.
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So, SO busy. But if I was so busy, you'd think I wouldn't have time to post, right? break. Or something.

Quickly before I have to get back (OMG, three new voice mails?! When did that happen?!), watched a very interesting extra on the DW DVD last night, all about NTSC vs PAL. At first it seemed extremely odd to have this little documentary on this DVD, but turned out it did relate as a few of the lost DW episodes *did* exist, but in NTSC over in Canada and the U.S. And it was only like in 2002 that technology made it possible for a decent conversion back to PAL. Really hope there's *one* HD format the world over.

Knowledge! About things! Shut up. It was interesting.

HELL. Now there are 4 voice mails!
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I need distractions from work today, so...spam me!! Ask me something. Tell me something. Show off your favorite icon. Start an argument. Rant about something. Glee about something. I don't care!
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7 hours without computer access. No email, Office, internet - nothing. Twiddling our thumbs for 7 hours. I've never been so bored in my whole life.


Dec. 20th, 2006 02:22 pm
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I swear I can feel my blood pressure going through the roof.
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Dear Supervisor:

Your issue is with The Co-Worker, not with me. Please stop ripping my head off as I am not my co-worker's keeper.

No love,

Unrelated - More than half a year later and I still luf D/R. So much so that I think I may need to join some sort of OTP support group with [ profile] nandamai. LUFFFFFF.
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Ugh. Work is insane. Insane! And people won't stop talking to me. Arg!! I need some sort of Les Nessman tape wall around my desk or something. Okay, we *did* go out to a nice lunch today, but when you scoot out of the office for a couple of hours, you end up paying for it, trying to catch up with the deadlines by staying past 6:30.

And for some reason, this Futurama quote has been going through my head all day: "Don't be such a chicken, Kif. Teenagers all smoke, and they seem pretty on-the-ball." Just the way Billy West's Zap says "they seem pretty on-the-ball" - love it.

ETA: HA! Another Zap quote from that episode: "The quickest way to a girl's bed is through her parents. Have sex with them and you're in." I love Futurama.


Sep. 25th, 2006 02:53 pm
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I swear the supervisor has not stayed in her office for more than two minutes at a time for the last four hours, jackrabbiting around the office. It's making me TENSE.

ETA: And back here AGAIN. For like the 5th time in the last 30 minutes. Yapping the whole time, of course. arg.

ETA2: Okay, obviously I need a hammer and some nails. Oh, speaking of which, finally saw those Kill Bill movies last night. I think my brain may now be numbed to any and all violence.

ETA3: OMG, they're trying to kill me. Coworker has turned on the heater to 80 because she's cold. KILL ME.


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