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I was looking through my drafts folder in gmail (72 saved emails? okay then.) and ran across this fic snip. Free to a good home, or call it a fic prompt if you like.

Ten II buys a house. )
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  • I've been scribbling some Harriet/Peter stuff and some Doctor/Rose stuff in the last week or so. Maybe all this reading has put me in a writing mood? Harriet/Peter is quite fun to write since you can get all deep about just about anything, and let your inner student loose on a thesaurus. The problem (as always) is my inability to write plot. If I were to seriously write H/P fic, I'd want it to be more than a vignette.

    The D/R stuff is (also as always) fluff. Normally I would shoot it off to [ profile] goldy_dollar and make her write more, but apparently nowadays the story would quickly dissolve into BLOOD AND TEARS AND NO ONE WOULD EVER BE HAPPY AGAIN. Pffft.

  • Speaking of reading, a quick rundown of stuff I've gone through in the last few days:
    • 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. Did not care for it at all. I found every character deeply annoying and would not care a lick if any of them fell off a cliff. I don't need for every character to be some kind of bright shining star, but I do need to find them interesting. There were a few humorous moments, but I was completely turned off by everyone.

    • The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun. I've never read any of the "Cat Who..." series before and thought I'd try it. It was cute and a light read. I'll probably read more - it's a good bedtime book.

    • The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I'm not really into reading sci-fi and fantasy (although I like watching it), but this was a lot of fun. A billion literary in-jokes, wordplay, etc., and I was totally amused that this was an AU world filled with zeppelins. Also, I TOTALLY want a dodo bird. More than anything. :D I'm now in the middle of the next in the series: Lost in a Good Book.
    I've come to the conclusion that I really love reading mysteries with a female protagonist - characters like Harriet Vane or Thursday Next.

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I've decided to phase out my fic website and not create another. Way back when it made sense for me to have a website, but now it doesn't seem that important. Especially when I get maybe 2 hits a day now, and I can house everything on LJ. I'll be backdating missing fic here, so hopefully really old SG-1 fic won't be showing up on anyone's flist.

ETA: Ew. This is a bit of a mess. Maybe I need to create a fic journal/community to keep things organized...
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I've been bunny-less for a while now and I wish bunnies were still hopping through my mind. Just...something. It's not enough to say to myself "I shall write [insert genre of choice] now." I need that one little bunny to go off of like "Sarah Jane rolls her eyes at D/R" or "Gallifreyans have babies in cubes."

I'm sure most other writers are the same way, so I guess I'm just whining. Whine whine whine.
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So Frances and I are trying to write fic... )
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Writing babble. )
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I know some of you write original fic, so I thought I'd pass this along. I heard this on the radio the other morning. It's a contest to write "three minute fiction" (about 500-600 words), put on by NPR.

Here's the story about the contest.

Here's the first line and where you submit it.

P.S. Curlywurlys are very good.
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writing babble )


Mar. 18th, 2009 08:32 am
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I've been trying to write for the [ profile] carnivalofsquee for the last couple of days, but it's just not working. Brain not work good now. It's frustrating because under normal circumstances I think I could crank out a couple. It's just comment fic, after all. But it feels like my head's been under water for 2 weeks now.
  • "Hmm. Domesticity. Um...Ten II runs into the Rani and then is happy about his life with Rose." *stares at self*

  • "Fish. The Doctor and Rose visit the fish people." *mentally wanders off*

  • Fairytale or unicorn. *writes half a page of Donna being forced to take care of the spawn of Satan (aka the Doctor and Rose's child)* *mentally wanders off again*

Well, here's a youtube vid that's guaranteed to make you grin:
(via [ profile] principia_coh)
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I've been clearing out my "drafts" folder today, and wanted to get rid of a few things. These are starts of fics that I know I'll never finish, and so fic amnesty time! They're all Doctor/Rose. (As if I've written anything else in the last couple of years.) Nothing over a PG rating.

The start of a 'Rose meets Jenny' fic. (Written before Journey's End aired.) )

The start of a 'Nine drops in on Ten and Rose' fic. )

The start of a 'the Doctor broods about Rose at Martha's engagement party' fic. (Written pre-JE.) )

The start of some crack about the Doctor and Rose's bet from Tooth & Claw )
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It's official (or so the saying goes) - I am currently empty of words. Words that will produce any sort of fiction, that is.

And I still need someone to write a plot for my Signing Up sequel. Hmph.
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So what mythical monster hasn't the Doctor encountered over the years? (I guess I mean ones we're familiar with nowadays like the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. There are probably a billion that no one's ever heard of.)

*sighs* I'm still trying to come up with a plot for a fic I've been trying to write. A sequel to my "Signing Up" fic. I feel like I need slightly more than "and they landed on a planet and spent the next 5 hours romping in a field of flowers with a pink unicorn named George. The End."
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What did I do today? I wrote a Ten II/Rose and Eleven/Rose fic. Eleven. ELEVEN.

And it's not fluff. And it's 4000 words. And I wrote from beginning to end. And it's complete.


2008 Fics

Dec. 29th, 2008 12:49 pm
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[ profile] goldy_dollar did this (and has about 500 fics for 2008), and I got curious about what I've done this year.

2008: A Year of Fic Review )
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So a Briton, a Canadian and an American walk into a fic...

[Poll #1319167]

ETA: Whoops. Typo in the poll. And this is why LJ polls suck just a bit.
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What I've learned so far in writing with [ profile] goldy_dollar and [ profile] shinyopals:
  • I've learned that Opal is the organized one, with plotting, lists, tags and so on. Which is good. Frances and I, on the other hand, like to write scenes and hope something comes together. It could happen!

  • I've learned that deciding to do hurt/comfort is easy until you get to the hurt part. Much trauma in having to hurt a character! *covers eyes*

  • And related - none of us know squat about injuries, and so it's even harder to hurt a character. "What would require surgery?" "A hangnail?" "I think...yes."

  • And I've learned that if you want to write a Christmas fic, you should probably start in September.
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Question: What time of the day does the Queen usually air her Christmas speech?

Related - everyone should have a [ profile] shinyopals when writing fic. She is just so organized! There are tags! And lists! I think my favorite note is:
    Scene 8:
    ...the nature of which we haven't decided on because none of us seem to know anything about [this].

ETA: Oh hell. Most British types are probably in bed by now, aren't they?
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My problem in writing right now is that I'm just writing the fun fluffy scenes. About 11,000 words of it so far. Plot? Pffft. It'll probably wind up being 500 words long. :D

You ever write one of those scenes that go on way too long? )
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Does anyone know of a good online word processor? Google Docs is good, but only up to a point. Once you get over a certain size it starts grinding to a halt. You type a character, it instantly goes into autosave where you have to wait, type another character, wait again... I had this problem before when the document got to be more than 8000 words. What I'm looking for:
  • Something where you don't have to download anything, or have to save anything (even the document) on your computer.

  • Something that doesn't try to autosave the doc with every new word. Google Docs' big thing is that multiple people could all edit a document at the same time, which is why it wants to autosave ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately, you can't turn it off.

  • Something where you can type in plain text. I mean, real plain text. No weird double/single/1.5 line spacing either. I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING WHEN I HARD RETURN. I SWEAR. *curses the day rich text was invented as it is a plague on humanity*
Also, I'm grumpy with myself. Instead of writing new parts, I seem to be stuck in editing existing parts. But I guess that's better than nothing, eh?
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I swear the medication is making me dull-witted. Whenever I try to write D/R stuff, it's all extremely boring. It probably doesn't help that I'm in the middle of reading those Lord Peter/Harriet Vane books, so maybe I'm in that mindset.

Doctor: My darling dearest Rose, would you marry me?

Rose: Absolutely not. But listen, those space slugs have given us a horrible time about their alibis, what?

Doctor: Quite. But they say alibis are made to be broken. And I've determined to break theirs, given that I do not believe, as someone would have us to, that the giraffeabear committed suicide.


ETA: If Dorothy L. Sayers wrote the Doctor and Rose. (Pulling together the comment fic in this post.) )


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