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At times Twitter can be incredibly awesome. Mike Nelson from MST3K: "in Newport Beach. Disappointed that I can't find the Bluth banana stand."
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Netflix added more MST3K to their instant viewing! I wuv you, Netflix.
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Man, if ever there was a temptation to actually go to a con...
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This morning on NPR/PBS** they were interviewing Larry Csonka. And naturally what instantly pops into my head?


"...and I will be the hold Larry Csonka down, kiss him so hard...I'll take Larry Csonka's breath away..."

** I never pay attention to what program is national and what program is local, although I'm thinking that "The California Report" isn't something broadcast over the country. Possibly.
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MST3K! Just without the shadows!

Watching those two-minute clips of movies made me realize how much I miss those MST3K guys. I'm having a hard time trying to vote. I'm leaning towards the Steve Reeves movie at the moment.

So on this summer's To Buy list: plushie Dalek, and whichever one of these movies they end up putting out. OOOH! The plushie Dalek (aka Arthur) must be purchased first so we can watch it together! (Wow. That sounds just so incredibly insane.)
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Oh, MST3K. How can you wank? This was a show that was brutally sarcastic about *everything.* Equal opportunity offenders and all. Wanking about the political affiliations of actors of a show that ended 7 years ago? That's some mighty impressive wank. Although, it did give this world this quote, which, yeah.

I think the Democrats and the Republicans need to start wanking each other off. Literally. Release some tensions, get to know one another. I wanna see a big bipartisan circle-jerk right in the middle of the Senate floor. I think it might save the country. ~ [ profile] quizzicalsphinx

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It may be the wine, but these things are totally cracking me up right now.

1. Slashdot's OMG!!! Ponies!!! April Fools joke.

2. Hold my beer. Looks like it's from some sketch comedy show. (So. Funny.)

3. MST3K Wikiquotes. Help! I'm falling at a forty-five degree angle, violating all the laws of physics!

Speaking of MST3K, does anyone else remember when the guys (aka TPTB) asked the fans for spare Crow parts? I *think* it was around when they started up with SciFi and they needed some old, discontinued Tupperware for Crow's body. God, I LOVED that about that show.
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Looks like youtube has some MST3K. Ah MST3K - the show that encouraged episode sharing. Hell, on the older shows they'd sign off by saying "keep trading those tapes!" Just one of the many reasons I wuved them.

Anyway, I found a few Shorts that are pretty amusing. All are from the 1950s - a time when film budgets were spent educating the public on things like inch worms and hem lines. Important things.

Body Care and Grooming

A Case of Spring Fever

What to do on a Date
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The source of my reference to the S9 spoiler pic post from yesterday, in case you're interested:

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I saw this in the MST3K group, but felt like mentioning it.

There is no way I could watch this movie and *not* think about the MST3K version - Parts: The Clonus Horror.

"So, what happens if your clone is a hard-drinking, hard-living clone? 'Sorry, we need your liver to keep your clone alive!'"

- and -

"You know, this doesn't look like it's headed towards a happy ending."

"You know, *any* ending would make me happier than I've ever been."

Nelson wuv

Dec. 29th, 2004 07:37 am
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I luuuurve Michael J. Nelson's ramblings.

There were, at last count, 983 television shows featuring Anglo-Saxon men in upsetting shorts teasing dangerous animals.


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