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Sep. 18th, 2009 01:58 pm
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  1. I'm about half way through Chuck's second season. Still entertained by the show, even though I don't draw little hearts around it like I do with other shows. There is one aspect that has me sighing a lot. Not sighing enough to quit the show, but sighing all the same. Read more... )

  2. I think I've been talked into at least trying How I Met Your Mother. I'D BETTER LIKE IT.

  3. Spooks should be starting soon!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. I've failed to keep up with Project Runway this year. Lifetime's video player sucks, and so I haven't caught up.

  5. Speaking of video players, is it just me or has Hulu gotten worse lately? I used to have excellent playback of everything. Nowadays it's really jerky, which is very very distracting. I don't mind watching commercials and going the legal route, but at least make the quality decent!

  6. Went into an innocent-looking DW post and immediately found Rose bashing in the comments. SADFACEMICHELLE.EXE
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  • Apparently Project Runway starts on Thursday. YAY! On Lifetime. But...I've taken that channel off my normal lineup! Maybe I could just turn to that channel manually on Thursday night. Flipping past the rape-of-the-week movie is about as pleasant as going past the graphic pet surgery show.

  • I've pulled up to look at PR stuff and I'm already feeling dirty. It looks like a tabloid rag, even having an "astrology" tab. *itches*

  • I think it's very reasonable to have daily check-ins just to be sure that [ profile] shinyopals hasn't been eaten by a bear. No check-ins? Assume bear snackage.

  • I did something to my neck last night. Ow.
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Fringe 1x02 )

On to lighter things...

Project Runway )

On to wackier things...

DW dream last night )
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The Boss is irking me today. Oh, there's the usual interrupting/cutting me off in the middle of a sentence which she does ALL the time. But there's also the toilet paper roll. Instead of putting a new roll on (which would take 2.5 seconds) she always perches the roll on top of the empty. YOU ARE DEEPLY WEIRD, WOMAN. Although maybe I shouldn't be too harsh - it's possible that an empty toilet paper roll once wronged her in some way. Perhaps some preschool tube trumpet trauma.

Project Runway )
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Item of the First: It's interesting watching a community that suddenly gets on the LJ spotlight.
    1) A billion posts of "Hi! I'm new here!"
    2) Mod understandably has a "Holy shit, y'all!" reaction and tries to make a "Put introductions HERE" post.
    3) Another billion posts of "Hi! I'm new here!"
Why don't people read/lurk before posting? Why?

Item of the Second: Dr. Horrible continues to be really entertaining. I actually laughed out loud a couple of times during part 2.

Item of the Third: Why are there no Middleman icons beyond 1x01?

Item of the Fourth: Project Runway 5x01 )

Item of the Fifth: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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It's always a bit unsettling when LJ doesn't email comments.

Anyway, Project Runway finale last night. )
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I decided to look at the final collections of the top 5 of Project Runway, and not wait to see the top 3 next week.

Here, if you want to look too.

General thoughts on each. )
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  1. I went out last night, so haven't watched the latest Torchwood yet.

  2. Basically because when I got home I watched Project Runway instead. spoilers )

  3. I've said it before, but I really think I'm going to try and avoid DW S4 spoilers from here on out. And that includes speculation posts. The list of things I do know about S4: )

  4. ETA: There is ONE exception to my no new spoiler rule: What I would look at if it pops up: ) The rest of it though? *waves away*
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  • It's raining! But surprisingly enough I don't feel manic. (As seems to be the norm for Southern Californians who often waver back and forth between "EEE! A PUDDLE ON THE GROUND!" and "OMFFG, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!" For as laid-back as we collectively are, rain might as well be a meteor shower that's pretty, but also has the potential to put a hole through your roof.)

  • I got behind on Robin Hood (watching and posting), and hope to catch up this weekend. Especially since the bestest thing to ever happen on this show, happened in "Show Me the Money." Yes, even better to me than RA's chest.

  • A comment on Project Runway 4x03 )

  • It's Friday, and thank God.


Nov. 24th, 2007 08:57 pm
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Project Runway 4x02 )
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Project Runway 4x01 )
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It's Project Runway day! 10 p.m. (Why do I have the feeling I'll forget?) 10 p.m. 10 p.m.

*shifts gears*

Anyone know what year it's supposed to be in Robin Hood? I came to a realization this morning about why I just can't quite get behind Robin: it's the blind following/loyalty to King Richard who, as history tells us, just wasn't that great. He was always on a Crusade and probably would have sold off the country if he could just to fund the war. And then this morning I was looking him up on Wiki, and read some other nasty things I don't remember ever learning about in school.

But maybe this is one of those things where I just can't quite get my mind into that monarch loyalty mindset? You serve your King/Queen without question? (Back then, that is.) Or maybe Robin really does believe that Richard is in the moral right? Or that the monarch is ordained by God?

To me Robin's been sipping at the Kool-Aid. I've not once seen him stop to actually think about things, and he and his group are always 100% convinced that everything will be just ducky for England if only King Richard would return.

Heh. Look at me wanting The West Wing in a kiddie show.
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  1. Is LJ being twitchy? Or is it just me?

  2. Is there going to be a S4 of Project Runway? If so, when? Their website is completely unhelpful. I thought it aired during the summer last year.

  3. WHAT is up with [spoiler]'s hair in the promo shots for SGA's S4? Read more... )
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  • Even though I saw it posted in a community, I keep forgetting that Lost starts tonight. Not as excited as I was when S2 started since everything back then was OMGHATCH! But hopefully it'll be good.

  • Deleted DW meta from earlier today was as the result of one of the few places I didn't unsub from when I had my meltdown. I decided to go off on the Doctor=Peter Pan analogy which drives me BATS. There's the "lives forever" thing and that's where the similarities stop, IMO. Peter Pan never grows up. The Doctor is very much an adult and then some, despite having a lot of kid-like fun. Peter Pan's world is full of play fighting. The Doctor's world, while fantastical, is NOT Neverland, and is filled with death and destruction. And don't get me started on the whole Wendy aspect of it. An analogy *peeve,* I tell you. Maybe this Peter Pan thing is more applicable to older versions, but I did not get that at ALL from watching Nine and Ten. But ANYWAY...

    ETA: Spoilers for DW S2 in comments.

  • Project Runway tonight, right? Woo!


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